Kamala Harris has a habit of launching into peals of laughter when she is asked questions, even serious ones. It’s likely a nervous tic, and it’s possible that she doesn’t even realize that she does it.

In the world of gambling, this is called a tell. An unconscious and often uncontrollable behavior that serves as a clue to others that a player is bluffing or lying.

Harris was interviewed on 60 Minutes this weekend, and when she was asked if her view on certain issues was progressive or socialist, she launched into a laugh.

Ben Shapiro shares my view on the gambling angle. Joshua Q. Nelson writes at FOX News:

Ben Shapiro: ‘Nothing funny’ about Kamala Harris laughing off questions about socialism

Podcast host and author Ben Shapiro on Monday ripped Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., for laughing at an interviewer who asked if she had socialist views.

“Kamala Harris — I would love to play poker with Kamala Harris because she has the most obvious tell in the history of politics which is if she is asked a question that she does not want to answer, she breaks into that insane Joker laugh and it is pretty wild,” the host of “The Ben Shapiro Show” told “Fox & Friends.”

Shapiro said that “there is nothing funny about that question” and the follow-up question about her being a “liberal senator.”

“She broke into that laugh, again. That is the most obvious tell that I have ever seen in American politics and it is pretty amazing,” Shapiro said.

Watch the clip below:

How was she not ready for this question?

Back in August, Harris appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and was asked about accusing Joe Biden of racism during the primary. She laughed the same laugh. Watch:

Last fall, after a Democrat primary debate in Houston, Professor Jacobson suggested Kamala Harris was pretty much finished. She ended up dropping out of the primary a few months later.

Harris also failed to move the needle in the vice presidential debate, where she did more laughing and smiling.

It’s surprising that she continues to do this. I would be amazed to learn no one on her staff has told her to stop doing it.

Featured image via YouTube.


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