Joe Biden calling a 4-day ‘lid’ on his campaign, during which he would be unavilable to the press, comes after several days of near silence after the NY Post broke the story of Hunter Biden’s influence peddling for the family.

Biden’s campaign says it’s for debate prep, but no one believes that’s the real reason. Not that many days so close to Election Day.

There are two things at play.

First, Biden, his campaign, and the anti-Trump mainstream media, know that Biden has a massive problem. But they don’t know exactly how extensive the problem is. Certainly Joe’s memory would not be reliable. So they are waiting to see what comes out before they take a position. The more days that pass, the more that is rolled out, the more they know. They likely are getting fed information from anti-Trump friends in the government. They need to know which story Joe should tell. So they need time.

Second, and more important, is that early voting is ongoing. Already over 28 million people have voted. And there are long lines as more states, such as Florida, open up for early voting.

The longer the Biden campaign, with the help of friendly media, can keep a lid on the scandal, the more votes will be cast before proof is released — and Joe fumbles the story — of Joe’s complicity in his son’s doings. While I doubt there are a large percentage of undecided voters, this story has the ability to move some votes. Even a small impact could be decisive.

But people who already voted can’t change their vote, they are locked in. The longer Biden delays, the more millions of votes will have been cast. The media and social media plays a key role in keeping a lid on the story. Facebook and Twitter censored the story, and mainstream media outlets are spinning false stories that this is a Russian disinformation program, and wasting time investigating NY Post newsroom staff.

This is a good example of why early voting weeks before an election is a bad thing. It’s one thing to give people extra time, a week or 10 days, but some states have been early voting since September. When the big one drops, it will be too late for almost a third of the electorate.

So Biden putting a lid on his campaign is not irrational. It’s supremely rational for someone who has something big to hide, and who wants tens of millions of Americans to early vote before the big one drops on Biden’s campaign.


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