Members of the professional left are now proposing a ‘truth and reconciliation commission’ to shame Trump supporters if Joe Biden wins.

These would be the same people who have spent four years calling Trump an authoritarian, a dictator, a fascist, a cult leader, and worse. Those same people are now proposing Orwellian forms of public shaming for having the ‘wrong’ views.

This is Robert Reich, who served as an advisor to President Obama and was part of President Clinton’s administration:

MSNBC host Chris Hayes said something similar earlier this month:

The Washington Post’s resident lunatic Jennifer Rubin is fully on board:

Trump’s enablers can’t escape the consequences of their choices

Assuming President Trump loses his reelection bid in a few weeks, the soon-to-be alumni of the Trump administration, who were warned that association with Trump would mar their careers and corrode their character, are now “hoping the Trump presidency isn’t a disqualifying blemish on their resumes or Google footprint as the door revolves the other way and they seek to land, once again, in the private sector,” The Post reports.

They should think more about atoning for the betrayal of their country than trying to escape the consequences of enabling a liar, racist and wannabe authoritarian. There are practical reasons for employers outside the right-wing bubble to reject not only those who were the face of the administration but also those who labored behind the scenes….

We as a country and as individuals need to decide whether those who are unremorseful, who seek no forgiveness and who admit no complicity in an administration that engaged in reprehensible conduct deserve to be welcomed back into “polite” society. It seems like another moral failing on the part of Trumpers that they whine about the stigma of their tenure without shouldering any responsibility to come clean and make amends.

Note Rubin’s use of the word “atoning” here. The clear implication is that people who supported or worked with Trump have sinned against society. Perhaps requiring the wearing of a scarlet letter of some kind would do the trick.

Make no mistake about what is being suggested. These people are talking about a vindictive form of retaliation for wrongthink.

Tucker Carlson highlighted this on his show last night and included a segment from MSNBC where the subject is discussed. He then brought on author J.D. Vance to expand on the topic. Watch it all below:

I have a simple question for the likes of Robert Reich and Jennifer Rubin. What should Trump supporters prepare to do in the event that we win?

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