It’s a funny thing. You almost never hear of the College Republicans making demands like this on a left wing speaker. It always goes in the same direction.

The College Fix reports:

College Democrats demand Ann Coulter speech be canceled, say it threatens students’ ‘well-being’

The College Democrats at the University of Oklahoma want to cancel an upcoming speech by conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

Coulter is slated to speak at the public university on November 5, just two days after the presidential election, according to the student paper the OU Daily.

This event drew the criticism of the school’s College Democrats.

“The College Democrats at the University of Oklahoma call on TPUSA to cancel their event with Ann Coulter to protect the well-being of the community,” the press release said.

Anna Hayes, the club’s president, urged “all members of the OU community to stand together against any representation of hate or bigotry” on campus.

The College Democrats also used coronavirus as an excuse for their call-to-cancel. It said that holding a “large, in-person event is irresponsible.”

“Making the choice to not only host an event jeopardizing the safety of the OU community, but to do so in order to amplify a voice of hate, is profoundly concerning,” the group said.

It also wants TPUSA, in addition to cancelling the event, to “denounce white supremacy and bigotry” in the community.

A petition started by Jack MacKay, a student at OU, also called for a cancellation of the Coulter event.

The petition, which has fewer than 300 signatures, echoed the College Democrats’ argument that the event is unsafe due to coronavirus and also would upset students on campus.


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