Liberals want to defund the police, yet will use them to enforce Coronavirus policies. Do they see any disconnect here at all?

The College Fix reports:

Harvard dean confirms it will use police to enforce social distancing

Calling the police at an elite university is tantamount to threatening the life of the person who sparked your call, or so we’re told.

When Yale student Sarah Braasch called campus police upon finding a stranger sleeping in the lounge next to her dorm room – the only one on the remote top floor – she was harassed so badly she fled the university. (The stranger turned out to be a black student, but that wasn’t obvious in the dark.)

Harvard activists cried racism when the municipal police responded to a call about a naked student in the road who was possibly hallucinating from drugs, who physically attacked them. They got their wish: the black student was not charged, and the officers were investigated.

Given this mistrust of law enforcement by the elite campus activism class, why is Harvard admitting it will use police to enforce its social distancing rules, which already encourage photo- and video-assisted snitching?

In an interview with The Harvard Crimson, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana (below) made no apparent attempt to explain why it was appropriate to involve law enforcement in cracking down on students hanging out with each other but not in response to possible criminal violations.

Instead he emphasized the “proportionality” Harvard will practice in response to the no-hangout oath it forces on its students:

He confirmed that the Harvard University Police Department — in addition to other emergency services — is prepared to step in and address social distancing violations in the case that events escalate beyond the capacities of house staff such as on-call proctors or tutors.

“We’re all trying to make sure that they’re used appropriately and in proportionality for whatever the situation requires,” Khurana said. “And that’s been a lot of the training, which is to make sure that we have a proportional response to the situation.”


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