There are some things that no one is allowed to criticize. The left punishes all perceived heretics.

CNS News reports:

University Removes Director Who Mildly Criticized Affirmative Action, Violating Free Speech

The University of Pittsburgh has removed a program director at its medical center after he published a scholarly, peer-reviewed white paper discussing the pitfalls of affirmative action for black and Hispanic students.

This violated the First Amendment, which protects even harsh criticism of affirmative action.

The white paper was gentle in its criticism of racial preferences, merely arguing that lowering admissions standards for minorities can harm their prospect of academic success by putting them in a university they are not prepared to handle. It did not advocate discrimination against any minority group.

As MedPage Today reports:

“A paper advocating against affirmative action in cardiology programs is melting under a blast of Twitter heat.

Published in the Journal of the American Heart Association as a self-styled “white paper,” it included the following statements:

‘Racial and ethnic preferences at both the undergraduate and professional school levels for blacks and Hispanics result in relatively weak academic starting positions in classes. This has been postulated to lead to poor performance through compounding ‘academic mismatch,’ stress‐related interference, and disengagement. Many do not complete their intended programs or do not attain academic success to be attractive candidates for subsequent educational programs or employment.'”


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