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Suspect Charged With Fatal Shooting Of UC Berkeley Student in Back of the Head

Suspect Charged With Fatal Shooting Of UC Berkeley Student in Back of the Head

“Berkeleyside reported that Walker has a long rap sheet”

This happened earlier in the summer. The student was walking near his home at night and was shot in the back of the head. No motive has been described.

The College Fix reports:

Man charged with fatally shooting UC Berkeley student in back of the head

Prosecutors have charged a suspect in the June 15 fatal shooting of UC Berkeley student Seth Smith.

Smith was walking around midnight near his apartment after moving back to school when police say he was shot in the back of the head just a mile from campus.

A press release from the Berkeley Police Department said officers arrested Tony Walker, a 60-year-old black man and resident of Berkeley, on August 20 on “suspicion of murder.” The press release does not mention Walker’s race but a police department mugshot of Walker shows that he is black.

The press release did not detail what information was used to lead the police to Walker. The city of Berkeley had offered $50,000 for information leading to a conviction.

The shooting took place as racial unrest gripped the nation after the death of George Floyd. Police have not said if race was a motive.

The Alameda County prosecutor’s office charged Walker with murder and “a number of criminal enhancements,” according to the police department.

Mercury News reported that prosecutors also charged Walker with “possession of a firearm by a felon,” “carrying a loaded firearm on one’s person in a city,” and “possession of ammunition by a prohibited person.”

Berkeleyside reported that Walker has a long rap sheet that includes an arrest in 2019 for allegedly attempting to break into a woman’s home. That charge was dismissed as part of a plea deal relating to a different case, but no further details are available, according to the paper.

The Berkeley-based paper reported on numerous other convictions, including a 2016 probation charge after a “felony gun arrest” for which a judge sentenced Walker to several months in jail and “five years of felony probation.”


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60 years old, long rap sheet, racial grievances,…basically nothing to lose except his life and California won’t take that from him because of who they are. That’s what he deserves.

Good thing all of those progressive Cali gun control measures stopped that felon from doing what he did.

No motive has been described

It it really that difficult to imagine?