Who could have seen this coming, other than everyone but these students?

Campus Reform reports:

Students see spike in reported violent crime after University of Minnesota cuts ties with Minneapolis Police Department

Students saw an increase in reported violence just weeks after the University of Minnesota announced that it would cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department after the death of George Floyd.

In the weeks following the University of Minnesota’s announcement that it would cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department, students received multiple systemwide public safety alert messages, telling them to be cautious on and near campus due to various reported violent crimes. This is a substantial increase in safety notifications for Minnesota students, given that prior to the announcement, only seven such announcements with only two emergencies were made in a six month period.

The university made its announcement on May 27. On June 16, students were alerted of both a robbery and an attempted robbery. On June 18, an alert warned students that an individual had been assaulted and four male suspects had stolen his car. The alert said that this incident “may be related to a second robbery.” Yet another robbery was reported on June 20, this time at gunpoint.

On July 2, students received alerts about a robbery of a business by a female suspect during which “a gun was seen.”

On Thursday, students learned via the alert system that five males used a Ford SUV to knock a woman off her bike, in what was described as yet another “attempted robbery,” although the assailants reportedly left the scene without taking any property.

After the publication of this article, two additional violent crimes were reported, both occurring on August 3. The first involved an individual shooting a victim and then fleeing. UMN said it was not a student. The second incident involved five armed suspects who robbed at least two other individuals.


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