Would you even want to go to college in this environment? Mandatory Orwellian training sounds like such fun.

The College Fix reports:

Dartmouth to impose mandatory implicit bias training on everyone, hire more nonwhite therapists

According to the fictional NBC executive and Princeton graduate Jack Donaghy on the sitcom “30 Rock,” Dartmouth men don’t “speak a word of English.”

The vocabulary of the Ivy League school’s members will get even less comprehensible following changes announced by President Phil Hanlon Wednesday.

In order to “eradicate the oppression and racism Black and other students, faculty, and staff of color experience on our campus and all across our country,” Dartmouth will make “implicit bias training mandatory for all students, faculty, and staff,” Hanlon wrote.

Even its Board of Trustees “has committed itself to participating in the training,” he said, suggesting the board didn’t actually mandate that trustees will sit through however long the training is. (The statement is signed by Hanlon, his “senior leadership team” and the board.)

Nonwhite community members will also have “greater access” to nonwhite therapists, due to “the toll systematic racism takes on Black students and all students of color,” the white president continued. Therapists of all colors will be required to have “working knowledge of race-based trauma and how to address it.”

Hanlon’s list of changes is not as extreme as those announced by another elite private university, Duke, which said it was functionally reordering its curriculum and administrative actions around “antiracism.” But he did specify that Wednesday’s announcement was “just a start.”


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