On Independence Day, the Revolutionary Communist Party organized flag burnings in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City—and, of course, outside the White House.

The radical group chanted “One, two, three, four! Slavery, genocide, and war! Five, six, seven, eight! America was never great!” as the flag burned.

If you’re wondering about the bright orange shirts with “#OutNow” featured on the front, this is apparently the latest effort to remove President Trump and Vice President Pence from office.  I guess they are supposed to see the tees, hear the imbecilic chant, and immediately resign?

The communist group is committed, clearly, to turning America into a communist dystopia, and they are apparently quite content to divert attention from the George Floyd protests and riots with this stunt.

Townhall reports:

Members of the Revolutionary Communist Party organized flag burnings in cities across the United States to coincide with Independence Day to protest the country, the Trump administration, and to exercise their right to burn the American flag.

“Trump is attempting to overturn the decision in my Supreme Court case, Texas v Johnson (1989) that decided burning the flag in protest is constitutionally protected speech. Trump is fighting for a fascist clampdown of force patriotism – by criminalizing disrespect for the flag, he is forcing respect for the flag,” Gregory “Joey” Johnson said in a statement. “A year in jail for flag burning?! Forced patriotism = fascism. I’m going to defy Trump by burning that flag and you should do the same!”

Members of RevCom hosted the flag burning in Washington, D.C. right outside of Lafayette Park, which is across the street from the White House. RevCom also held American flag burnings in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City.

The communists’ leaders, of course, know that America is and always has been not just great but exceptional, but some in this young crowd are clearly convinced that America is awful and must be destroyed.   Evidence to the contrary is readily available, not that they dare hear a word against their delusions.


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