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Boston College Denies Conservative Students’ Effort to Create Their Own Newspaper

Boston College Denies Conservative Students’ Effort to Create Their Own Newspaper

“for the second time in three years”

These students should just do it on their own on the internet. Online publishing can be done with little to no start-up costs.

Townhall reports:

Boston College Again Denies Campus Conservatives’ Request for Their Own Newspaper

According to a report by The College Fix, students at Boston College were once again denied the opportunity to start a conservative newspaper, due to the fact it was not considered a “necessity.”

The Boston College Republicans for the second time in three years had their proposal to start a conservative newspaper rejected by the Board of Student Organizations. The group said they were forced to undergo ridiculous tests to get the paper approved, including demonstrating the need for the publication showing a different viewpoint at the school.

Luis Duran, the president of the Boston College Republicans, said that a “small, but loud and influential portion” of the student body controls the “political atmosphere” at the school.

Representatives from Boston College told The College Fix that the club proposal this past academic year failed to meet two of 11 mandatory criteria for a student organization to be recognized by the college.

The missing criteria? The board claims the proposed conservative outlet would be a “duplicate” of the existing College Republicans and there are “limited” financial resources for the school’s student activity fund to be able to support student publications.

While it may be true the school’s Office of Student Involvement may not have the money to be able to financially support a publication, their other claim a conservative paper would be a “duplicate” of the existing College Republicans is just false.

After all, a conservative newspaper would allow students to be able to comfortably express their views in print on news happening around campus, while College Republicans is a club for students who identify as “Republican” to be able to discuss their views and current events topics among peers. They are related, but not the same.


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If a paper would be a duplicate of the College Republicans then the existing paper must be a duplicate of at least a dozen organizations that are recognized and funded.