The social justice agenda is now slowly working its way into the study of law.

Campus Reform reports:

Profs promote environmental law textbook with ‘food justice’ updates

Professors at the University of New Mexico are lobbying for students to buy the latest version of a law textbook that has been updated to advocate for more progressive policies. Both professors are authors of the textbook.

University of New Mexico Professors Clifford Villa and School of Law Professor Emeritus Eileen Gauna are advocating for the latest edition of an environmental law textbook titled Environmental Justice: Law, Policy & Regulation, the same book they co-authored.

The professors argue that the currently required second edition of the textbook, which was published in 2009, has some outdated material surrounding developing ideas around climate change.

Villa did not contribute content to the second edition but is an author of the latest edition.

“The last textbook also didn’t address dimensions of Environmental Justice such as the subjects of disaster and food justice,” Villa explained to Campus Reform.

Villa argues that although the second edition of the textbook was good when it came to instructing students and practices in the subject of environmental justice, the new edition of the textbook “allows professors in this specific law practice to focus on suggestions for solving problems of environmental injustice.”


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