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Biden Still Resists Search of His Senate Archives Housed At U. Delaware for Info. on Tara Reade

Biden Still Resists Search of His Senate Archives Housed At U. Delaware for Info. on Tara Reade

Biden has asked the Secretary of the Senate to search its records for Tara Reade’s complaint, but this won’t make the problem go away after even the NY Times called for a search of Biden’s Senate archives housed at U. Delaware.

The Tara Reade allegations are not going away, and with the mainstream media even asking for the Delaware senate records to be searched, it looks like Joe Biden is in a real bind.

The Washington Post editorial board called on Biden to release relevant records, and the New York Times editorial board also chimed in with a similar call.

The New York Times is also not happy that Biden himself and his campaign are claiming—falsely—that the Times concluded the alleged incident with Reade “did not happen,” stating that their “investigation made no conclusion either way.”

The New York Times is pushing back against talking points circulated by presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s presidential campaign that the paper says inaccurately cite its reporting to rebut a sexual assault allegation.

The talking points, whose existence was first reported Monday evening by BuzzFeed News, “inaccurately suggest” that the paper’s investigation into the allegation detailed by a former Biden aide, Tara Reade, did not happen, the Times said Wednesday.

BuzzFeed reported on the existence of talking points being circulated by the Biden campaign that inaccurately suggest a New York Times investigation found that Tara Reade’s allegation ‘did not happen,'” Danielle Rhoades Ha, the paper’s vice president of communications, told the Washington Free Beacon in an email. “Our investigation made no conclusion either way.”

The Biden campaign is asking supporters to lean into the Times report as evidence of Biden’s innocence. “In this case, a thorough review by the New York Times has led to the truth: this incident did not happen,” they say.

As they say, when you’re a Democrat and you’ve lost WaPo and the Times . . . .

After first insisting that the records not be searched for Reade’s complaint when she called for its release, Biden apparently sees the writing on the wall and is now requesting that the Secretary of the Senate search for it.

The Daily Caller reports:

2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden requested Friday that the secretary of the Senate locate any complaint made by his accuser Tara Reade.

The former vice president issued a letter to Secretary Julie Adams asking for her to find out whether Reade ever issued a sexual harassment complaint against him.

Biden’s request follows his Friday morning appearance on MSNBC where he denied Reade’s allegations and said that if any such complaint existed, it would be in the National Archives.

But the National Archives told the Daily Caller News Foundation that this is incorrect information: “any records of Senate personnel complaints from 1993 would have remained under the control of the Senate.”

Biden notes in his letter to Adams that he previously understood that such a complaint would be in the possession of the National Archives but has been since informed that it would be under the control of the Senate.

. . . . Biden notes in his letter to Adams that he previously understood that such a complaint would be in the possession of the National Archives but has been since informed that it would be under the control of the Senate.

“I am writing to request your assistance in determining whether 27 years ago a staff member in my United States office filed a complaint alleging sexual harassment,” Biden wrote in the letter.

“According to public reports, the staff member, Ms. Tara Reade, has stated that in 1993 she filed such a complaint with the office responsible for enforcing the Senate employees’ rights in the workplace,” Biden states in the letter.

Biden asks Adams to “take or direct” any necessary steps to find the complaint and to make its results public.

“I would ask that the public release include not only a complaint if one exists, but any and all other documents in the records that relate to the allegation,” he concludes.

Hopefully, the search won’t be limited to that for the words “sexual harassment.”

Other outlets are also seeking information about the complaint.

Meanwhile, the DNC is trying to protect Biden with a laughable assertion.

They’re tying themselves in knots.

How long can Democrats keep holding out, hoping this will go away?


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Biden’s resistance can only mean that his handlers have not yet been able to assure him that anything and everything incriminating in those records has been made to disappear.

Give them a little more time to scrub and shred, please.

    CorkyAgain in reply to irv. | May 3, 2020 at 11:05 pm

    It could also mean that the Democrats don’t think the time is yet ripe for them to bring in their replacement candidate, so Joe needs to stall a bit longer.

      Milhouse in reply to CorkyAgain. | May 4, 2020 at 1:54 am

      Of course the time isn’t right yet. They don’t want to replace him until at least after the convention. If he drops out before the convention they’ll have a hard time with the Bernie people. Once the convention’s out of the way they can nominate whomever they like. So they need him to hold out until at least then.

      Ideally, I think they would like him to hold out until the election so they can pull the plug on him at their convenience; if he’s doing badly in the polls they pull the plug before the election, but if he looks like he’s winning they don’t dump him until after. Remember they have until Dec 14 to pull a switcheroo; after then it automatically goes to the VP candidate.

      Which is why I don’t believe any of this is coming from the DNC. It’s not in their interest. They may have been saving it for later, but the last thing they want is to have it go off now.

        CorkyAgain in reply to Milhouse. | May 4, 2020 at 2:16 am

        But the fact that the Times — the Times! — isn’t going along with Biden’s story would seem to confirm that the replacement scenario is in play.

        I’ve thought all along that they’d have a problem dumping him because of his mental issues, because it reflects badly on them that they picked him as their presumptive nominee when his decline was already visible. But they can let this scandal develop and use it as the reason he has to bow out, earning them some points from many voters for applying their #MeToo rules consistently. It’s also a perfect setup for whichever woman gets the nod as his replacement.

        JPL17 in reply to Milhouse. | May 4, 2020 at 7:47 am

        “Remember they have until Dec 14 to pull a switcheroo; after then it automatically goes to the VP candidate.”

        Whoa, wait, what? Who gets to pick the substitute president if Biden steps down before December 14? This is a very frightening prospect.

          Milhouse in reply to JPL17. | May 4, 2020 at 8:16 am

          If Biden wins, and then withdraws or dies before Dec 14, the DNC picks his replacement, which does not have to be his running mate. (Ditto if Trump wins and withdraws or dies before Dec 14, the RNC picks his replacement.) Remember that the electors are chosen for their party loyalty, so it can be expected that 99% of them will go along with the party’s decision.

          JPL17 in reply to JPL17. | May 4, 2020 at 10:32 am

          Thanks for elaborating, Milhouse. And I thought the Torricelli-Lautenberg switcheroo was bad.

        lichau in reply to Milhouse. | May 4, 2020 at 10:09 am

        Thanks for your elaboration on Dec 14, below.
        While they could legally pick anyone, I guess politically they go with the VP.

Any laws that exempt members of our legislature to escape legal ramifications “ordinary citizens” would face need to be scrapped. The phrase “Government of the People, by the People, and for the People” used to mean something, and it’s time to get back to that concept.

Obama 2.0.

Oh good grief! The complaint (if it ever existed) was destroyed long ago.

Right now this is a contest of egos between Biden and the MSM/DNC axis. Assuming Biden was dumb enough to NOT destroy the document, and assuming there is a search, it will be conducted by people who have every incentive to find nothing.

    MajorWood in reply to Recovering Lutheran. | May 4, 2020 at 1:02 pm

    My guess is that anything found will not be destroyed. It will be kept as a future bargaining chip, although in slow Joe’s case there won’t be much to bargain for, sort of like having dirt on Stacey. All you could do is force her to step down from her imaginary job.

One point people forget is that the papers sought in the Kavanaugh confirmation weren’t his but the president’s papers. Applying the same logic the papers would not be Biden’s but Reade’s papers.

I still can’t believe they’re serious about letting this guy be their nominee. They have the perfect excuse to dump the guy and seem to be backing him. Maybe it’s reflexive, or maybe they’re just playing supportive national committee until just before the convention.

    Reflexive, I would think. The Democrat Party believes itself to be above the law. They are enraged at the mere thought of having to dump their Chosen One because of a principle they never really believed in. Biden knows this, which is why his Ralph Northam imitation is working so far.

    That said… if the MSM/DNC axis comes to believe that Biden will cost them the White House and the Senate he will be gone yesterday.

    Milhouse in reply to danoso. | May 4, 2020 at 1:57 am

    If they dump him before the convention they’ll have a fight on their hands for his replacement. Milwaukee will burn, if it’s held live. That’s why it’s vital for them to keep him going until after the convention is over. They do not like what’s happening now. It’s too soon to suit their interests.

    MajorWood in reply to danoso. | May 4, 2020 at 12:42 pm

    In a way, this very closely parallels what happened in a recent governor’s election in Oregon. The incumbent liberal was in a fairly tight race and before the election, say August or September, there were rumors about abuse of power and conflict of interest from his girlfriend, known locally as “the first ho.” She had sat in on committees and had obtained contracts to the tune of a half mil. She was like Hillary, but definitely doable. Lots of people really did not like her and she was becoming a liability. The dems were trapped, because they had an evolving scandal that could not be suppressed, and if the incumbent withdrew from the election, we would likely have a R governor. So they basically suppressed it all until after the election, then forced him to resign which promoted the secretary of state to fill the role, and she is our current disaster in the making. We have a covid mortality rate significantly below the flu and she wants more clamp-down. I think even the power brokers realize that she is an idiot with aspirations, who could clearly never be elected .Gov on her own. She will disappear in the trump tsunami backflow in 2022. She is still operating with what we knew on March 10th, and the probability that Oregon already has significant herd immunity isn’t even on her radar. They are also deliberately keeping the death stats out of the public eye in order to maintain the charade. The die hard socialists are complying but I can tell you that the fence sitters are getting back to normal as best they can, and are starting to see the pandemic response as the pure BS that it is. The great thing about pushing a lie is that it almost always backfires worse than coming clean would have cost. The alternative leftist rags are on-board and this will destroy their credibility when it becomes all too clear that the .Gov interference was way more damaging than moderate and possibly even zero covid restrictions. But they are caught, because if they lift all restrictions, then their incompetence will be too obvious to everyone, so they need to keep the pain in place to cover their own a$$e$. Double-down rears its ugly head, again.

The Biden team will send Stevie Wonder over to check out the records and if you disagree with his findings you are clearly a racist.

NavyMustang | May 3, 2020 at 8:33 pm

I worked in the federal government. If Biden’s staff wanted to make any evidence disappear, no one would be the wiser. NO ONE. It’s not as if the Archives are micromanaging the process. They accept what is given to them. And I can’t believe that any politician would include such a document in any of their archives.

    One thing that puzzles me is that Tara Reade apparently did not retain a copy of such an important document to her.

      I have puzzled over this, too. Me? I believe that I would keep a copy for all eternity, but (thank the good Lord,) I’ve never suffered such an extreme and disgusting violation. Maybe she didn’t want to remember it, have a “keepsake” around? Maybe she wanted to wipe it out of her experience by destroying / trashing her own copy (if she had one, which I think she must have? I’m not sure how this works in government; police, apparently, weren’t called, though they should have been . . . we say now, but in ’93, no one was going to believe her over a well-liked, if skeezy, gropey, senator).

      According to her, anyone outside her circle of friends and family (i.e.those who did believe her) was on Team Biden and silencing her to protect him, so what could she do? She was apparently distressed enough to tell her mother, who was reportedly distressed enough to call in on Larry King’s show . . . . She also and contemporaneously told several friends and neighbors about the incident, and they have actually come forward to corroborate her recollections of a vile sexual assault. Something none of Christina Blasey Ford’s named witnesses could do (not one corroborated her version of events or even remember the party of which she spoke).

      I think, in short, that we can’t know what went on with Reade in terms of a copy of a report she may or may not have ever possessed. Was she in denial? Was she hoping it would just go away if she destroyed her copy of the complaint (if she had one)? Who knows? I don’t see her not having a copy as a problem; she is requesting that her complaint be located, so it seems she is sure there is one. Or, at least, that there was one once.

        I would bet money that nothing will be found and this is just a charade by the MSM to be able to claim that Biden gave complete access to records. While it is too much to hope for, Tara Reade producing a copy just after the Democratic Convention would be timely, adding destruction of evidence to the issue. Tara Reade’s mother calling Larry King on tape sealed the deal for me that something happened, consistent with all those awful pictures of Biden violating the personal space of women.

    MajorWood in reply to NavyMustang. | May 4, 2020 at 12:52 pm

    Biden’s counsel as VP was an Oberlin classmate of mine. I can see why she is likely highly regarded as a fixer.

Comanche Voter | May 3, 2020 at 8:42 pm

I look at the current pictures of Tara Reide (not so hot) and remember the lyrics of the old college drinking song:

“No age has taken her beauty,
And sin has left its scar”

Tara is not a hotty in2020–but back in 1994 when Slow Joe was playing stinky finger, well that might have been another thing.

inspectorudy | May 4, 2020 at 12:24 am

The latest info on Reade’s complaint is that she used the word “Uncomfortable” not sexual harassment. That word in 1993 was only used by police and not the general public. So, if the original complaint is found it will say he made her feel uncomfortable. The villainous msm will make jokes about this phrase and the late-night host will have many new uncomfortable jokes at her expense. Sadly, with the msm acting as DNC aides, there can be no scandals. It has to be made into one by the people who will never attack a Democrat.

I love Gaetz and I’m glad for his efforts but it really aggravates me whenever we need to pass a law to mandate that we enforce a law we already passed.

There are seven other women who said he made them uncomfortable, one of whom was 14 at the time. Not to mention, photographs.

The problem is that all the democrats have endorses and defended him. I don’t see how they recover from that.

    lichau in reply to Petrushka. | May 4, 2020 at 10:18 am

    When you have the MSM on your side, wonders can be done. If it were up to the MSM, none of this would have been heard of. And, no one would have heard of Monica Lewinsky.

    “First, get control of the radio station”.

Lucifer Morningstar | May 4, 2020 at 10:56 am

Biden has asked the Secretary of the Senate to search its records for Tara Reade’s complaint, but this won’t make the problem go away after even the NY Times called for a search of Biden’s Senate archives housed at U. Delaware.

Whatever. I’m pretty sure that by now anonymous Biden “associates” have already done an extensive search of both the Senate archives as well as the U. Delaware archives and have removed any documents that might incriminate Biden of any sexual improprieties. And even if that hasn’t happened there’s no reason to believe that any of the documents actually made it into any archives at all. Biden could have simply withheld the documents and made sure they were destroyed.

She was a very attractive woman in her youth. She needs to go on a serious diet and exercise regime and change her party support to one that respects women. She has let them destroy her life and needs to take back control and rebuild it.