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Andrew Cuomo rewrites history, calls virus that started in Wuhan, China, the “European virus”

Andrew Cuomo rewrites history, calls virus that started in Wuhan, China, the “European virus”

Toeing the Chinese Communist Party line, covering up for China’s deception and lying that caused virus to spread to Europe and beyond

In Monday’s press conference, Cuomo repeatedly referred to COVID-19, which originated in China, as a “European virus,” which is a talking point straight out of the Chinese Communist Party.


As if New York Governor Cuomo’s nursing home death scandal wasn’t bad enough, Cuomo’s recent shift in describing COVID-19 as the “European virus” is… troublesome.

At least one study found that the COVID-19 strain that ravaged New York came by way of Europe, but that doesn’t make the virus likely created in a Chinese lab, European.


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The Chinese virus originally entered the US on the West Coast

Though Coumo is partly correct. The chinese virus that is infected NY & NYC primarily travelled from China to Italy and then to NYC

2smartforlibs | May 11, 2020 at 5:08 pm

That family’s really not very bright. maybe he thinks China in Europe. Otherwise, that’s a pretty racist comment.

It’s the CHINA virus

Stop the non sense

Next cuomo will rewrite how the nursing home disaster happened…

Apparently the Chinese, speaking in a language that he can understand, made Cuomo an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Wow! You really can’t make this stuff up. What’s next? Little Italy is known as Big Singapore?

When the dinosaur media, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat party, covers for you, Gaslighting works.

Inr the States, it’s te New York virus.

China virus = racist
European virus= accurate description

Does he really think that’s going to work?

Seriously what a hack. I blame the Left-Wing Media for this kind of brazen lying because without their support he wouldn’t try it.

Did you know that his lie makes him morally superior to those who tell the truth? Just ask him.

texansamurai | May 11, 2020 at 5:32 pm

so fredo fled to the basement with the wrong virus?

Since most of the US cases seem to have emanated from NYC, I guess we should call it the NYC Virus or maybe the Cuomo Virus (de Blasio Virus?)

Evidence that flunking geography in rich-people schools follows you the rest of your life!

What a creepy jackass.

Anyone who votes Democrat is evil, stupid, or insane. I’m not saying the Republicans are much of a consolation prize. But those are really our only two options.

Close The Fed | May 11, 2020 at 5:55 pm

What a piece of white trash! For what he did to the nursing homes and their patients, he should have already been recalled!!!

European by way of Wuhan. That said, he’s from the Progressive Church, so he takes comfort in the sociopolitical myth of spontaneous conception.

Barry Soetoro | May 11, 2020 at 6:29 pm

The geriatric murderer shills for the Red Chinese.

Well, I had the temerity to refer to the Wuhan Virus. I was informed by a transplant from the UK, that over here it is the American virus.

Paul In Sweden | May 11, 2020 at 7:11 pm

Andrew, the older of Mario Cuomo’s retarded boys and now Gov. of New York State should go with his convictions and file suit for reparations against the European Union. I love it when they eat their own.

Is it Botox, plastic or just congenital contempt that makes him look so damned ugly?

Hope he is soon accepted into the Jimmy Hoffa school of influence.

Perhaps a means to divert from his nursing home malfeasance, where they could call this the Cuomo virus.

Two days ago:

“Of the nation’s more than 26,000 coronavirus deaths in nursing homes and long-term care facilities, a fifth of them – about 5,300 – are in New York, according to a count by The Associated Press, and the toll has been increasing by an average of 20 to 25 deaths a day for the past few weeks.”

After all, if we’re renaming things.

In Alabama we learned that China isn’t in Europe. Evidently, in Noo Yuk they taught their students differently.

George_Kaplan | May 11, 2020 at 9:10 pm

Maybe folk should start talking about the New York Virus since that’s where the version most Americans got came from. Wonder how Cuomo would respond to that?

Andrew “Send the infected into the nursing homes” Cuomo is certainly making a strong bid to usurp the “Fredo” title from his dim-witted younger brother.

Yeah, I’ve heard that line before. It came to us from Europe, so it’s European not Chinese. That’s ridiculous. It came from Wuhan; that it had a layover in Milan is irrelevant.

It reminds me of a young child who thinks her parents work in the subway station because that’s where they go every morning.

Oh, moron… mean the Italian Virus? The one that went from CHINA to Italy ….then went to CHINA TOWN and LITTLE ITALY to infect Washington, CA and NYC…spell out your ridiculous BS Cuomo…only your brother barely understands your crap anyway. Retards.

Hey Gov, I must have missed the news that China joined the EEU. Do they accept Euros?
This goes down in history as the first Asian country to migrate to Europe.

Does Cuomo know China isn’t part of Europe?

Rewrites history, renames bridges – the Tappan Zee Bridge is still the Tappan Zee Bridge, misnames laws – there’s nothing safe about the SAFEACT, and is soulless – post-birth, out-of-the-womb abortion is murder. What a guy.

Iain Sanders | May 16, 2020 at 8:06 pm