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Wuhan Virus Watch: Antibody Study Shows Almost 3 Million New Yorkers Could Have Carried the Virus

Wuhan Virus Watch: Antibody Study Shows Almost 3 Million New Yorkers Could Have Carried the Virus

A preliminary study gives us hope the summer’s heat and humidity will slow down the virus.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed that an antibody test showed the state has an infection rate of 13.9%.

That means almost three million New Yorkers may have carried the virus.

From Fox News:

The 3,000 samples were collected from 40 sites in 19 counties, according to Cuomo, and suggested the infection rate is as high as 21.2 percent in places like New York City.

“These are people who were infected and who developed the antibodies to fight the infection,” Cuomo said. “They had the virus, they developed the antibodies and they are now ‘recovered’.”

The governor says the testing was conducted at sites set up outside places like grocery and box stores.

“These are people who were out and about shopping,” Cuomo said. “They were not people who were in their home, they are not people who are isolated, they are not people who are quarantined — who you could argue probably had a lower rate of infection because they wouldn’t come out of the house.”

Medical personnel performed almost 70% of the tests “in the regions of Westchester, New York City and Long Island.”

Top DHS Scientist: Heat, Humidity Slow Coronavirus in Preliminary Study

William Bryan, the head of science and technology, said a preliminary study showed the coronavirus cannot live in hot and humid weather:

“Increasing the temperature and humidity … is generally less favorable to the virus,” said William Bryan, head of science and technology at DHS, said during the daily Coronavirus Task Force daily briefing at the White House.

Bryan said the preliminary study showed that the half life of the virus was lower at higher temperatures and humidity than in colder weather.

“If you look as the temperature increases, as the humidity increases, no sun involved, you can see how drastically the half-life goes down on the virus. So it’s dying in a much more rapid pace [with] just exposure to higher temperatures and to humidity,” Bryan continued.

But he also said that it dissipates more quickly in sunlight than in the dark because ultraviolet light helps kill the bug.

The DHS scientists said that disinfectants and household bleach were also extremely effective in killing the virus.

Rutgers University Saliva Test Could Help Test Thousands of Residents a Day

Scientists at Rutgers University developed a saliva-based coronavirus test. Gov. Phil Murphy said this could provide a vast improvement for the state:

The test, which was touted by President Donald Trump during a press briefing late last week, could allow New Jersey to roughly triple its current daily testing capacity, potentially putting the state on track to lift elements of a stay-at-home order officials believe has saved tens of thousands of lives at tremendous economic cost.

“Rapid return testing, contact tracing and then a plan for isolation and/or quarantine — those are the essential elements of the infrastructure that we’re going to need before you have the confidence — and we can tell you we’ve got the confidence — to begin to reopen our state,” Murphy said Thursday during his daily coronavirus press briefing in Trenton.

“We know this for a fact, including through the White House, that the Rutgers test protocol is being held up as a model not just in our state, but nationally,” he said.

The test, first made available to the general public at a drive-thru site in Middlesex County earlier this month, could soon have the capacity to deliver results for as many as 10,000 patients per day and within 24 or 48 hours after a sample is taken.

The Rutgers lab could hit that capacity within “a week or two,” Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Chancellor Brian Strom said during the briefing, adding that RUCDR Infinite Biologics, which developed the test, may soon be able to process as many as 140,000 samples per week.

At that rate, which would require additional more equipment and manpower, the Rutgers lab would roughly triple the state’s daily testing capacity, which Murphy pinned at 7,000 to 9,000 tests per day earlier this week.

CDC Adds More Symptoms for Coronavirus

The CDC only had three official symptoms of coronavirus. Now the center tripled the symptoms:

Until recently, the federal health agency recorded just three symptoms of the virus on its website: fever, cough and shortness of breath.

However, this past weekend, the CDC expanded its list to include several more signs of infection including chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and new loss of taste or smell.

Healthcare workers started calling attention to many of the new symptoms, such as the loss of taste and smell, last month.

In March, the American Academy of Otolaryngology called for the CDC to add anosmia – the inability to smell – to its list of potential signs of coronavirus.

At the time, the World Health Organization (WHO) said it was investigating a possible link between the two, but evidence was preliminary.

‘A loss of smell or a loss of taste is something that we’re looking into,’ Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s technical lead for COVID-19 – the disease caused by the virus – told reporters during media call on March 23.

‘We are reaching out to a number of countries and looking at the cases that have already been reported to see if this is a common feature. We don’t have the answer to that yet.’


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UnCivilServant | April 24, 2020 at 7:16 am

The fatality rate is so low that there is no reason at all to keep people without significant risk factors imprisoned. Isolate the nursing homes, shut down the subway, let everyone else go about their business and manage their own risk.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to UnCivilServant. | April 24, 2020 at 7:30 am


    The CDC is Total Deep State Schiff Storm – raze them to the ground and salt it.


    Bill Gates has been waiting a long time for a virus with this much, as he put it, “pandemic potential.” But Gates has a problem, and it’s called PCR. –

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital. | April 24, 2020 at 7:32 am

      Brit Hume: “It’s Time to Consider the Possibility That the Coronvirus Lockdown Was a Collossal Public Policy Calamity”

      He distinguishes the “draconian lockdown” from more sensible social distancing rules, frequent hand-washing, etc.

      Video here.

      When asked about why so many people are so adamant the country remain locked down nigh-forever, Brit Hume says that if you “drill down” into who those people are, you’ll find they are almost all inveterate haters of Donald Trump. He sort of says, “Do the math in your own head.”

      I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence that the most Trump Deranged people are also the most fervidly pro-economic depression. It just worked out that way!

      Ace of Spades

        notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital. | April 24, 2020 at 7:37 am


        Make no mistake; the Democrat-Deep Staters have got to be laughing their asses off at how easy it was to do this, and arguably against a man who was their greatest nemesis and obstacle in their history. However the Chinese Lung AIDS landed on our shores, the Left seized on it and turned it into a dry run, just like the 9/11 terrorists in the years and months leading up to that day. They will no doubt use it as a model for some future “crisis” to seize absolute power. And that’s nothing compared to China, Russia and every other one of our enemies overseas who are rolling in the aisles while their fellow travelers here do their dirty work. Forget anthrax or some other nightmare Moo Goo Gai Plague cooked up in a Wuhan bio warfare lab. The real plague is the Democrat-Media Complex and anyone stupid enough to believe them ever again. And therein lies the real danger; if the next bug to hit our shores really is an extinction-level plague, the Left would have cried wolf (Blitzer) once too often.

Its unconscionable to quarantine people not known to be sick. That’s called “house arrest”.

    Neo in reply to stl. | April 24, 2020 at 12:01 pm

    Comment on Instapundit:

    Constitution First

    I was cured by Prednisone (powerful anti-inflammatory), Doxycline
    & Beta-Lac-tam (Antibiotics) and an Albuteral nebulizer. I was one
    of the high risk people; old, history of breathing problems and a CPAP

    I picked up the bug around Christmas. It was only months later when
    reviewing the films did the docs say “you had corona long before people
    even knew it was in town” I got it from my sister, who picked it up
    second week of December (she is in the travel industry) So the bug has
    been here a long time kids. The horse is long out of the barn. Keeping
    lock down going at this stage of the infection is political and pointless.

No doubt, Cuomo will obtain a database of those who have shown positive for antibodies and punish them, severely, for interfering with his meme and pogrom.

Imagine, Cuomo camps located all over the state except for where wealthy folks gather. The only hope of escape will be from Cuomo Certificates, for those with sufficient assets to acquire them.

If these test results turn out to be true, it means that EVERY statistic the CDC has ever released on FLU transmission has been complete crap. They all need to go back to the drawing board and completely rethink viral epidemics from scratch.

    nordic_prince in reply to MattMusson. | April 24, 2020 at 8:31 am

    All the scary predictions have arisen from mathematical modelling…just like the global warming farce. Models are only as good as the data and assumptions that are fed into it – GIGO. That’s why they’re all pure, unmitigated BS.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to MattMusson. | April 24, 2020 at 1:39 pm





    MajorWood in reply to MattMusson. | April 25, 2020 at 12:24 am

    It was, I believe, that idiot from WHO who compared initial fatalities to initial positive cases, which was like 3-5%, to the fatality rate of influenza, which in the US is 20,000 out of the estimated 20,000,000 who get it (but only about 200,000 are actually tested). Big difference between that 3-5% and 0.1%, but his statement that it was 30X more deadly than the flu is what got everyone into the panic, and it also occurred, I believe, right around the time that it knocked off all the people in that Washington old folks home. Those two events stuck in people’s minds and it is why the clampdown was accepted. But as the truth of the numbers started to come out, no one ever admitted that they were mistaken or the measured were too drastic. And now, of course, as it appears to be far less serious than predicted, they are doubling down on restrictions. Funny thing though is that the populace is starting to go “huh?” in greater numbers. Our governor assures us that the mass deaths will be here any day now, and we need to keep hospital beds open for them.

    I was reading an article in a local rag about a woman who survived corona, a morbidly obese lesbian, which is why she was the cover girl, no doubt. What was interesting was her statement that there could be all sorts of people who have it and don’t get as sick as her. Huh? That sounds like a good thing to me. A disease where you don’t get very sick. She thinks it is bad because those people could be infecting others without knowing it. But my take is that I am not responsible for protecting others. I am responsible for protecting me. If they want to be safe, then they can take all the precautions that they want, and I promise to only smirk a little. If granny wants to live, then she she should put on her mask and stay in her room. I have things to do.

    The weird thing is that the more upscale and liberal the store, the more draconian the measures they are taking. One has the entire sidewalk littered with giant signs lecturing about social distancing and social responsibility, and before you go in some member of the Stalin Youth lectures you on how to follow the signs as all aisles are unidirectional. I am seriously amazed that anyone shops there, or Trader Joes, where I counted 40 people in line to get in, a line that went all the way across the front, down the side, and then reversed on itself. Even though I have very little to do, I still have better things to do. If this was just a test to see what people would put up with, then we are in deep doo doo, because they are buying it on a 29% credit card.

      Disco Stu_ in reply to MajorWood. | April 25, 2020 at 8:41 am

      Heh. My dear wife was just now describing to me (Saturday morning) all those extra precautions our local TraderJoe’s was taking, and how “we” might want to try over the next time. (Me: “Sounds interesting and extra-cautious, but it’s okay if you want to go ahead without me.”)

      And then – I swear – there was your inciteful & amusing post NEXT in line on this L-I page I had open. I tried very hard not to chuckle out loud, and certainly did not choose to share your words of wisdom.

Once again, let me repeat what I have been saying, publicly for the last three months; the COVID-19 CRISIS is a media and politician generated hoax. I have repeatedly sid that the effects of the virus itself will be very closely akin to seasonal flu. And, Surprise, surprise, surprise, that is exactly as it is turning out. As we get more data on those who were most probably infected with the virus, through serological antibody tests, we see the mortality rate from this virus dropping into the same range as influenza without a vaccine or proven therapeutic treatment. 0.5%. And that is with the EXTREMELY LIBERAL CDC classification criteria for deaths from COVID-19. Bring those into line and the mortality rate will drop even lower.

So, while everyone breaths a sigh of relief, at this news, do not forget that our leadership, including the leadership of the medical profession, at the behest of the media and their backers has thrown 26+ million people out of work [the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression] and literally killed thousands of small businesses, who will never recover. The US and global economies have been crushed; over the FLU. Nothing like this has ever been done before, in modern history. While the virus will detrimentally effect somewhere around 1 million people, out of a global population of nearly 8 BILLION people, the response to it will effect many, many millions more for a very long time. Our leaders, either through incredible ignorance or malevolence [both active and passive], stabbed the population of the whole world in the back. They must be held accountable, or they will do it again and again and again.

BierceAmbrose | April 24, 2020 at 10:34 pm

I do wish these people would quite making Alex Jones look sane. Tinfoil is not a good look for me.