Authorities arrested 34-year-old Patrick Bradley for allegedly slapping a 15-year-old boy in a President Donald Trump campaign tent in New Hampshire.

From CBS Boston:

The boy was in a campaign tent for President Donald Trump with other supporters and workers. When two other adults stepped in, Bradley allegedly assaulted them too. He is also accused of throwing Trump campaign signs and attempting to knock over the tent.

Just the day before, President Trump held a rally in Manchester to energize his base.

The boy’s father told WBZ-TV that when his son showed up at the polling location he was excited to have a way to take part in the election process. He even had his picture taken with Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. later tweeted out the photo with a caption saying in part: “Just got off the phone with him & his mother. I thanked them for being such strong supporters. My family has your back…”

Yesterday I blogged about a woman allegedly slapping a man in Nashville because he wore a MAGA style hat. How about the man in Florida who drove his car into a Republican voter registration tent?

What is it with these people? I thought they were supposed to be the tolerant ones?

I just do not get it.


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