After Joe Biden’s awful showing in New Hampshire, it was obvious to many that he should drop out of the race. Biden keeps reminding people that he is the favorite to win South Carolina next week, but people on the left are losing patience with him.

As Biden left a fundraiser in New York City this weekend, he was met by chants of “Drop out, Joe!”

Dom Calicchio reports at FOX News:

Biden faces NYC protesters chanting ‘Drop out, Joe!’

As if his poor results in Iowa and New Hampshire weren’t enough, Joe Biden was met with chants of “Drop out, Joe!” on Thursday night as he left a campaign fundraiser in New York City, according to reports.

Other protesters from the group New York Communities for Change held a mock “funeral” for Biden’s candidacy, featuring a black coffin decorated with Biden 2020 stickers.

“The campaign is pretty much done,” one “mourner” said. “The people have spoken. Young people have spoken.”

See the videos below:

Perhaps even more devastating for the Biden campaign is the fact that some fundraisers and supporters also think he should drop out.

From the FOX Business Network:

Top financiers want Biden to drop out so Bloomberg can win: ’He has no chance’

Is it over for Uncle Joe?

Former Vice President Joe Biden is in New York City Thursday night mingling with Wall Street Democratic fundraisers who he hopes will give him enough cash to fuel his sputtering campaign and help him clinch the party’s 2020 presidential nomination. The back-to-back fundraisers are expected to gin up a solid $1 million in campaign cash

But behind the scenes, the word from the party’s fat-cat set is that the Biden campaign may already be lost despite the Wall Street C-suite names attending the events because former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is poised to take sole control of the party’s moderate wing.

“I feel sorry for Biden,” said Leon Cooperman, a billionaire hedge fund investor who has supported Democrats in the past despite being critical of President Obama. “He should withdraw; he has no chance.”

I’ll give the last word to Ann Coulter:


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