An argument on social media spilled over into real-life recently at Sacramento State University. A physical altercation followed and was captured on video which has since gone viral. The young man on the receiving end of the attack is the president of the College Republicans.

The apparent attacker has been identified by numerous news outlets as a student.

Bradford Betz reports at FOX News:

Sacramento State student appears to slap former College Republicans president on video

A video has emerged online of a Sacramento State student appearing to slap the former president of the College Republicans repeatedly on Friday — and police said they’re investigating.

Their scuffle was said to have originated with an online Facebook argument over a mutual friend’s anti-abortion post the previous day, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Keaton Hill allegedly commented on the post: “I hope that kid on your page dies of whatever cancer they have,” prompting a back-and-forth with Floyd Johnson II, the report said.

Their dispute carried into a Friday morning class where Hill allegedly hurled an expletive at the former president of the Sacramento State College Republicans, the Bee reported.

After class, Johnson and a friend confronted Hill, the report said. In a video recorded by Johnson, Hill appeared to slap Johnson before leaving the building.

Johnson’s friend could be seen restraining Hill, who shouted, “You’re going to end up f—ing dead!” He then broke free and appeared to slap Johnson’s phone out of his hand before walking away a second time.

The Sacramento Bee has more:

Johnson later filed a report with the Sacramento State Police Department, Chief Mark Iwasa said, and charges are pending while the department’s investigation continues.

“I didn’t choose to fight back because I’m 6-foot-5 and he’s 5-foot-6 or 5-foot-7 or something. It really would have been unfair,” Johnson said by phone. “And anyway, the way he was hitting me was open-handed. If he was connecting and actually hurting me, then I would have engaged with him, but in that moment I was more focused on videoing the incident and recording what was going on.”

Conservative activist Kaitlin Bennett shared Johnson’s video on Twitter.

Strong language warning:

Hill later created this video. Again, strong language warning:

This is not the first incident involving these two students. The Sacramento Bee reports:

Hill and Johnson were also involved in an altercation last year at a College Republicans event in response to the Stephon Clark shooting. In a video, Hill tried to slap the person recording a video and called him a homophobic slur while Johnson attempted to restrain an incensed student.

The video is below:

Featured image via Twitter video.


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