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Jill Biden on MSNBC: Trump is a Bully and Afraid to Run Against My Husband

Jill Biden on MSNBC: Trump is a Bully and Afraid to Run Against My Husband

“Look at what the president did this week with that 16-year-old girl, Greta.”

Jill Biden appeared on MSNBC this week to discuss her husband’s presidential campaign and other issues. She seems very confident in Joe’s abilities despite his repeated missteps on the campaign trail.

She also accused Trump of being a bully for calling out Greta Thunberg.

David K. Li reports at NBC News:

Jill Biden says Trump is a bully and ‘afraid’ to run against her husband

Former second lady Jill Biden lashed out at President Donald Trump on Saturday, accusing him of “bullying” and being “afraid” to run against her husband.

The wife of former Vice President Joe Biden told MSNBC’s “Up with David Gura” that Trump was wrong to attack 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who was named Time magazine’s person of the year before she was immediately mocked by the president.

“That’s bullying,” Jill Biden told MSNBC. “Look at what the president did this week with that 16-year-old girl, Greta. You can’t attack children. That’s the bottom line.”

You can’t attack children? The Covington Catholic boys and Sarah Palin’s kids will be relieved to hear that.

No one can fault Jill Biden for having faith in her husband, but Trump supporters have every right to snicker at this:

“We knew it was going to be tough. Our family knew it was going to be tough, but we could never have imagined that it would turn into Donald Trump … asking a foreign government to get involved in our elections,” Jill Biden said Saturday. “And I think it just proves he’s afraid to run against my husband, Joe Biden.”

The Trump campaign is probably salivating at the idea of Biden becoming the Democrat nominee. It’s difficult to fear an opponent who frequently forgets what state he’s in.

Watch the segment below:

Would you be afraid to run against this man?

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Not only as Wife of Joe and Mother of Hunter, Dr. Jill has some serious issues of her own: The woman’s delusional.

    fscarn in reply to DuxRedux. | December 15, 2019 at 11:05 am

    She’s not Hunter’s birth mother, only his stepmother. But she did spend enough time with Hunter that we would have seen what values she and Joe brought to bear so that Hunter would get himself “on the right track.”

    And that’s been one HUGE fail. And these two are so delusional to believe that they should be in the White House?

    Air-Head Jill has now (2019) written an autobiography, Where the Light Enters: Building a Family, Discovering Myself. (And to answer the obvious question, no, the self-adulation of these people ever ends.) Hunter is her Exhibit #1 of having “built” a fine character of a man. Exhibit #2 is Ashley Biden (child of Joe and Jill) who was arrested for marijuana possession at age 17; there are also rumors of her cocaine use.

    Air-Head Jill loves herself so much she wants to share with all of us “The Things That Matter In Life: The Collected Words of Dr. Jill Biden.” Some publisher actually put money into printing her drivel.

      JusticeDelivered in reply to fscarn. | December 15, 2019 at 5:33 pm

      You have to give her credit for raising children marginally better that Thugvon martin and really dull Michael Brown. So far the outcome has been a bit better.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to DuxRedux. | December 15, 2019 at 8:09 pm

    Does Jill do the same thing to children that Joe likes to do???????

You can’t attack children. That’s the bottom line.

Utterly clueless. Must run in the family.

    oldgoat36 in reply to tom_swift. | December 15, 2019 at 10:42 am

    She has a doctorate but other than that, she doesn’t come off as all that intelligent. Which explains her being with Snuffy.
    Calling Trump a bully, sure, gotcha… I guess the Fats stuff her husband did, challenging him to run, do push ups, or his threat against Trump to beat him up isn’t being a bully… he’s a tough guy, just ask Corn Pop.
    Biden facing off with Trump would be fun to watch.
    Though I don’t see Biden making it through to the nomination. The crimes done will be seeing the light of day. Biden will drop like a stone. Clueless must run in their family.

      UnCivilServant in reply to oldgoat36. | December 15, 2019 at 10:45 am

      Doctorate just means they stayed in academia for a long time.

      It is not a metric by which intellect can be judged.

        There is a wide gap between credentials and credibility and some never cross it.

        tom_swift in reply to UnCivilServant. | December 15, 2019 at 1:00 pm

        It’s a measure of how many hoops one is willing to jump through. And while that may indeed be some sort of accomplishment—after all, the hoops are real—it’s not quite the accomplishment people think it is.

      Leftists routinely refer to her as Dr. Jill Biden, implying that she’s a medical doctor. But that’s all part of a rather large deception; she’s not a real doctor. Her pretentious claim to that title is based on an EdD in “educational leadership” (gag)) is nothing less than a variant of Stolen Valor (ask Don Shipley about that and phony SEALs). Glammed-Up Jill is claiming a status to which she’s not entitled. Real doctors = MDs, dentists, holders of PhDs in the hard sciences. Not real doctors = anyone with an EdD or a PhD in any soft studies programs (especially all those “studies” programs (gag-gag = womyns, black, gay, gender, education)) are exercises in bullshiitte-ology. Word-processing programs have enabled turgid writers to become even more turgid.

        mochajava76 in reply to fscarn. | December 15, 2019 at 12:14 pm

        No, you are not the definer of who is called Dr.

        This smacks of bias and empiricism to claim that the “hard sciences” and an MD are the only ones that are called doctor.

        An EdD writes a dissertation, and has a different scope than a PhD.
        A PhD (i believe) is a research degree on a topic that offers new information or discovery.

        But to say one can’t claim the term “doctor” unless they fit your criteria is wrong.

        BTW, yes, there are people with honorary doctorates that are not earned.
        People in academia usually don’t trumpet their honorary degrees and insist on being called “doctor”
        But that is different between a research doctorate and a practical doctorate

        If you feel otherwise, earn a PhD and prove that thesis.
        But then again that PhD would not be in the sciences so would be worthless in your eyes

      Tsquared in reply to oldgoat36. | December 15, 2019 at 1:54 pm

      My mother has a doctorate and is bat-shit-crazy also.

      JusticeDelivered in reply to oldgoat36. | December 15, 2019 at 5:52 pm

      Degrees are not created equal, increasing numbers are worthless.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
Please let Biden lead the Dems,
And fill social media with LMFAO memes.

Who wants to be president in Twenty Twenty?
Senile and simply deluded is he
If weirdo behavior’s what gives you a lift
Fluff up your hair let him give it a sniff

Well we knew that, intellectually speaking, Slow Joe Biden is no more than an ankle biter. Not really someone to worry about in a debate.

And in Iowa ol hair sniffing Joe proved himself to be a finger biter.

If Biden gets the nomination, Trump is going to bury him with revelations about Ukrainian bribery of Pops by giving his cocaine sniffing son a million dollar a year directorship. And that’s just for starts.

    I guess the Dems still think they own the Ukraine and can hide their money skimming operation when keeping silent would have kept the gravy train running. Washington politics is all about scamming the system for money.

Come on Jilly, only you married a world class dummy!

Trump salivates at the idea of running against Quid Pro, Get-a-Shotgun Joe.

Trumps truthful tweet to Greta is better than what Joe would have done (Joe -> sniff and grope)

Suggesting that a 16 year old with anger management issues (teenager and within her psych spectrum problem) to “chill out” is good advice. As Rush pointed out the Dems trot out these types (example Michael J. Fox) to promote a dumb issue and then scream bigotry when put on defensive. Quite a range of dysfunctional people the Dems have for this election cycle.

    Greta, the mentally-ill woke-scold, is fair game. She spoke before Congress and at the U.N. You can’t get much more “public figure” than that.

The left are like drug dealers. They use children as shields and to take the heat. Trump was just echoing what his entire base things about the sad little emotionally abused child. Just think, whatever happens to her can first be blamed on her mental illness and secondly on trump. Those who manipulate her are covered in teflon.

I knew Jill Biden back in 1975 when she was cheating on her first husband, Bill Stevenson, and she got caught when the Senator had an accident while he was driving her Corvette. She was just as classy back then as she is today.

Greta: Child nose ON/Child nose OFF. I am the leader of the world. I am just a little girl.

The rule that you shouldn’t attack children doesn’t apply when the child is being used as a spokesman for a political agenda.

Unlike Greta Thunberg, the Covington boys, Sarah Palin’s kids, and Barron Trump did not volunteer for the spotlight, and nobody was pushing them into it as the face of their campaign. That’s why we call them, and not her, “innocent children”.

She’s the Charles Krauthammer of the Democrat party. Heh.

She doesn’t look a day over 75! Such are the luxuries of the elite and DOKTORS.

“Trump is a Bully!” says the wife of a man who stopped a special investigation into their son’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine.

Dr. Jill would be better off analyzing why Joe is so obsessed with such things as his hairy legs, and groping people, and not knowing where he is on any given day.

greta got on the world stage and started lecturing everyone and gets some push back. Barron has never lectured anyone or even made a public statement as far as i know. he is not looking for a fight. Why not leave him alone to grow up.

I think Trump said he’s afraid FOR Joe; as in:

If you leave Joe home alone, he could set fire to the house … he could wander off again and trigger a state-wide Golden alert … he might abuse his Life-Line button … he might ask the neighbor kids to comb out his legs …

Think of the unplanned children!

Speaking of Greta:

The toxic rhetoric of climate change

1… 2 in 5 unplanned children are suffering from prophecies of a liberal (i.e. divergent or change) climate and progressive (i.e. monotonic) warming.

A Doctorate in Education is right up there with Obama’s Nobel Peace prize and Time magazine’s Person of the year.

Greta has the physique and intellectual development of about an average 4th grade student.

The child should be remanded unto Child Protective Services and the parents charged with child abuse.

Jill Biden “taught” emotionally disturbed children as a profession. Apparently, she’s better at CREATING them.

“Doctor,” my ass: she received a “doctorate” degree in the U of Delaware, while Biden was in office in Delaware. Shades of obama “at” Columbia University?

How stupid this woman has to be publically and unequivocally demonstrate she just may very well be a bimbo with a “obama birth certificate” on her wall? Pretty stupid, apparently.

She fits with biden perfectly.

Given that the Democrat and independent field numbers I’d guess no one was afraid of gropey Joe except little girls.

I wonder how they kept him away from the Gretard when she was in town?

So, I guess Jill is going to be the spokesperson for Numb Nuts now that he can’t put together a coherent sentence.

I guess Dr Jill is so totally blinded by visions of living in the White House in her head that she doesn’t see that her husband is losing his mind.

“Look at what the president did this week with that 16-year-old girl, Greta.”

You mean suggesting she be a little girl and not be used as a human shield by the left? What a bully.

I’m thoroughly convinced that the only reason that Creepy Uncle Joe is running is so that he, his family and the DNC can use the investigation of their corruption as a bludgeon against Trump. Jill Biden is proof positive that higher education rarely coincides with higher intelligence.

She is correct in one thing,Trump is going to mop the floor with her buffoon of a husband.

Antifundamentalist | December 16, 2019 at 10:37 am

She’s missing the obvious point that the Dems didn’t Allow her husband to run in 2016, even though he was the sitting VP at the time. I half-suspect that the only reason he is even nominally being encouraged at this point is so that he can name HRC as his running mate – because that is her last shot at the Oval Office.

That 16-year-old girl, Greta, is a spoiled brat who disrespects her elders and advocates truancy!

Mrs. Biden, “how dare you” talk about her as though she deserves respect!