No school would want to be included on such a list, but the fact is many college closures are probably in our future.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports:

A Doomsday List of Possible College Closures Inspired Panic and Legal Threats. That’s Telling.

Higher education’s walking dead are already among us. Figuring out exactly who they are, though, is tricky and fraught.

That fact came into sharp relief this week, when a college-advising company scuttled its plans to release a list of private, nonprofit colleges that it expects to run out of money and close in the coming years, according to a new financial-modeling tool.

Edmit, the advising company, decided against releasing the information when some of the 946 colleges that were to be named in the analysis pushed back or threatened legal action.

The episode set off renewed discussion about the limited information that many students and families possess about the precarious finances of some of the nation’s colleges, hundreds of which have closed in recent years, upending students’ lives. (Most of the college closures of the last five years have been for-profit institutions, a recent Chronicle analysis found.)

Edmit’s decision was first reported on Tuesday by Inside Higher Ed, which had planned to publish an article about the projections, linking to the full list on GitHub, a platform for open-source projects. Edmit, however, said it had decided to keep the data private because it could not take the financial risk of being sued.

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