This is a public school. How can this even be legal?

The College Fix reports:

Public university bans whites from weekly ‘feminist’ gathering

Do you want to learn about feminism from nonwhites? If you’re at Portland State University, that may be a challenge.

A group known as the “Feminists of Color Collective” explicitly excludes whites from its weekly gatherings in the Women’s Resource Center, as documented by a flyer tweeted by PSU Prof. Peter Boghossian late Tuesday.

Boghossian is known nationally for the “grievance studies” project that got hoax academic papers published in respected academic journals, leading to repercussions against the professor by the administration.

The flyer misspells “solely” and also gets the collective’s name wrong in one place:

The Feminist [sic] of Color Collective is a space for students of color on PSU’s campus to gather in community through story-telling [sic], connection, and exploring dialogue of feminist possibilities.

This work is done by deepening understandings of feminist of color theories, expanding feminist praxis, self-reflection and building relationships with peers of color.

This is a space soley [sic] for people of color. All genders welcome.


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