Friday, at a town hall event in North Carolina geared towards Hispanic voter-issues, Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said she was “open to suspending deportations.”


Full quote here:

“I am open to suspending deportations, particularly as a way to push Congress for comprehensive immigration reform. I believe that what we’re doing right now with ICE, focusing on people who do not pose a threat, that when ICE comes into our communities, takes our neighbors, our friends, our family members that they do not make this country safer and that we need ICE and Custom [sic] and Border Patrol just focused on real threats from terrorism, container shipping that comes into the United States, contraband that we need to worry about, fentanyl that we need to be focused on. There are places that we should focus for our safety, but tearing families apart is not that.”

Thursday, fellow Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders released his immigration plan that would also halt deportations and abolish ICE.

From Fox News:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., on Thursday released a sweeping immigration plan that would impose a moratorium on deportations, “break up” existing immigration enforcement agencies, grant full welfare access to illegal immigrants and welcome a minimum of 50,000 “climate migrants” in the first year of a Sanders administration.

The plan effectively establishes Sanders at the far left of the immigration debate, as he aims to energize a base that helped drive his 2016 primary campaign amid competition from other liberal candidates in the field this time around.

“My father came to America as a refugee without a nickel in his pocket, to escape widespread anti-Semitism and find a better life,” Sanders said in a press release. “As the proud son of an immigrant, I know that my father’s story is the story of so many Americans today.”

“When I am in the White House we will stop the hatred towards our immigrant brothers and sisters, end family separation, and locking children up in cages. We will end the ICE raids that are terrorizing our communities, and on my first day as president, I will use my executive power to protect our immigrant communities and reverse every single horrific action implemented by Trump,” he said.


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