Legal Insurrection readers may recall that my son is participating in the Serra High Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC).

I’m nearing the end of my time writing about NJROTC, as my boy is graduating in June.

The unit is now in the midst of the 2019/2020 fundraiser.

I am truly impressed with the NJROTC instructors, who stress patriotism, leadership, and personal responsibility. My son, Blake, has truly grown and matured while he has been a cadet.  Despite the fact that he has only been in the program 3 years, he has risen through the ranks to be a selected for one of the unit’s 5 command positions (Master Chief Cadet Petty Officer).q

Equipment is needed for special programs such as Serra High’s Cyber Patriot team, which is led by Blake. The Cyber Patriots competitions put teams of high school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities.​ Serra High achieved the Platinum Level in the competitions, which was due, in part, to your kind support.

Serra High’s Cyber Patriot’s group is coordinated through the Air Force, which has inspired my son to apply for the US Air Force Academy. His goal is to join the Air Force, as he would like to blend is love of science and technology with practical applications. I do not think he would have considered this pathway without the NJROTC program. He completes his USAFA application at the end of this week, with a fitness test…so please send your prayers and positive vibes!!!

NJROTC also had an Academic Team. I am blessed to be able to be the parent coach of that team, which travels to area high schools to compete in quiz-show style meets. American government, history, and military protocol are all covered with very challenging questions. Our team took the 3rd place trophy in our regional competion last year.

Finally, the group holds the annual Cadet Ball.  It is one of the rare social occasions in which my son willingly participates! I managed to get a snap-shot of Blake in his dress uniform with the head Naval Science Instructor.

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Those interested in learning more about the Junior ROTC programs can find more information on these websites:

Legal Insurrection covers so much insanity at American educational institutions, so I am grateful for the opportunity to support our cadets and shine a light on their good works.


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