Republican Congressman Francis Rooney represents Florida’s 19th district. He recently said that he may be able to support Trump’s impeachment. Now he has announced that he is retiring.

This means that if the House actually pulls the trigger on impeachment, Rooney could support it without facing any consequences for doing so.

His decision not to run for reelection may indicate a sense of uncertainty about getting reelected given his pro-impeachment stance.

Politico has details:

GOP congressman who was open to impeachment calls it quits

Rep. Francis Rooney (R-Fla.), who was the first House Republican express openness to voting to impeach President Donald Trump, announced his retirement on Saturday.

“I thought the idea was you came and did your public service and left, you accomplish what you want to accomplish and you left,” Rooney said on Fox News. “And that’s what I want to be an example to do. And I’m also tired of the intense partisanship that stops us from solving the big questions that America needs solved.”

The two-term congressman confirmed his plans shortly afterward in an interview with POLITICO.

The news came one day after Rooney, a former construction company owner and major GOP donor, told CNN he couldn’t dismiss the possibility that the president committed an impeachable offense in his dealings with Ukrainian officials. “I don’t think you can rule anything out unless you know all the facts,” he said…

The Florida Republican said Friday he was “shocked” by Mick Mulvaney’s admission of a quid pro quo, saying it would be difficult for the White House to walk back the comments and that it “very well could be” a turning point in the Ukraine saga.

“He basically said it’s a quid pro quo, which is not a good thing,” Rooney said. “The only thing I can assume is he meant what he had to say. … It’s not an etch-a-sketch.”

This is likely just an excuse for Rooney, but unfortunately, his ill-informed comment will be held up by Democrats and the media as ‘proof’ of wrongdoing.

You’ll be shocked to learn that Rooney, a Florida Republican, is a big buddy of Jeb Bush and was a major donor to his 2016 presidential campaign.

The Jewish Insider reported in 2017:

Rep. Rooney: Newest Bush Ally During Trump Era

It is not a popular time to be a close ally of the Bush family in Washington. Along with a photo of his grandchildren, hanging on Representative Francis Rooney’s (R-FL) office wall is a picture of the Congressman smiling with former President George W. Bush. The 43rd Commander in Chief appointed Rooney as U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican where he served from 2005-2008.

Rooney Holdings Inc, owned by the former US Envoy, donated more than $2 million to Governor Jeb Bush’s campaign for President.

Rooney talked about his decision to retire on FOX News last night. Watch:

As the old saying goes, with friends like these . . . .

Maybe it’s time for a second wave Tea Party to replace Republicans like Rooney in Congress.

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