Drama. Drama everywhere!

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire threatened to resign if the White House tried to influence his testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee.

Maguire denied the report to Congress this morning.

The media and the left just cannot help themselves. They have to pretend or stretch the truth that chaos fills President Donald Trump’s administration.

Anonymouse sources, because of course, told WaPo about the supposed confrontation that “reflects the extraordinary tensions” between Trump and Maguire over the House impeachment inquiry:

The revelation reflects the extraordinary tensions between the White House and the nation’s highest-ranking intelligence official over a matter that has triggered impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

The officials said Joseph Maguire, who was thrust into the top intelligence post last month, warned the White House that he was not willing to withhold information from Congress, where he is scheduled to testify in open and closed hearings on Thursday.

Maguire denied the story on Wednesday, but also flat out denied it in front of the committee. From The Washington Free Beacon:

When Rep. Jackie Speier (D., Calif.) asked if he had threatened to resign, Maguire replied “I did not, and I know that that story has appeared quite a bit, and I issued a statement yesterday.”

Speier quickly cut Maguire off to ask if he was “shocked” by the whistleblower complaint.

Maguire issued a statement Wednesday denying that he said he’d quit if told to withhold information during his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

“At no time have I considered resigning my position since assuming this role on Aug. 16, 2019,” he said in the statement. “I have never quit anything in my life, and I am not going to start now. I am committed to leading the Intelligence Community to address the diverse and complex threats facing our nation.”


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