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Social Justice Courses and Majors Becoming the Norm at Many Colleges

Social Justice Courses and Majors Becoming the Norm at Many Colleges

“one course specifically focused on ‘activism’ by requiring students to supplement their classwork with an activism project”

The implementation of a social justice curriculum took less than a decade and it didn’t happen by accident.

Campus Reform reports:

‘Social justice’ majors, courses, events are new norm on college campuses

Social justice majors and other social justice-themed activities are becoming an increasingly regular occurrence on college campuses.

But it’s not just on college campuses. As recently reported by Campus Reform, the University of Michigan School of Education is partnering with a local Detroit school district to open a social justice high school. Now that social justice education is expanding beyond college campuses, Campus Reform takes a look at other social justice initiatives. Here are some stories you may have missed:

1. ‘Social justice fest’ promotes sex work advocacy, boycotting Wendy’s

Brandeis University held a week of various social justice events, including one that taught how to advocate for sex workers and another that attempted to persuade students to boycott the popular fast-food chain, Wendy’s.

Other events at the “DEIS IMPACT Festival of Social Justice” included “Phyllis Bennis Speaks: The Marginalization Of Gaza And The West Bank” and “Reading God and Torah From a Transgender Perspective: A Talk with Joy Ladin.”

2. You can MAJOR in social justice at this nearly $70,000 per year Calif. School

Dominican University in California has added a stand-alone social justice major that will begin to accept students this upcoming fall. The school suggests “Journalist/Photographer/Filmmaker,“ ”Community Organizer,” “Educator,” “Political Campaign Staffer,” and even a “Socially Engaged Artist” as possible careers for social justice majors.

A spokesperson from the California Federation of College Republicans told Campus Reform that the “program is for psuedo-educational purposes and pushes a certain political agenda” and that it is “clearly not wise for students to take out nearly $300,000 in student loans just to study social justice.”

3. OWU offers ‘social justice’ major with mandatory ‘activism’ work

Ohio Wesleyan University offers a “social justice” major to its students, with one course specifically focused on “activism” by requiring students to supplement their classwork with an activism project.

The major also includes courses on “contemporary feminist theory,” which takes a look at far-left concepts like “marxist feminism” and “socialist feminism.”


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BerettaTomcat | August 19, 2019 at 1:36 pm

More degrees qualifying the holder to be a Starbucks barista.

This is an easy one to figure out. It’s simple being angry and outraged is easy, math and science are hard.

And of course all of these social justice majors will soon become people who are complaining about the unfair debt they incurred in the form of student loans.

How do you get a “Social Justice” degree holder off your porch?

Pay them for the pizza!

I noticed that John Jay College offers a course about “Food Justice” and has an office dedicated to “Gender Justice.” How many varieties of hyphenated justice now exist?

It is increasingly difficult to identify an education as opposed to a glorified playground in modern colleges. Obviously any major in a subject call “studies” in fact has no defined curriculum. But what of colleges that profess to teach a subject that does have a defined curriculum .. but the college strips it of the expected course material and substitutes “studies”? I write of Boston College and the degree for Economics conferred on AOC. This women obviously never took a real class in economics. She never studied Samuelson, nor any of the other texts that are traditionally considered mandatory for an understanding of the subject.

I believe these new social justice majors are not heavily subscribed. Someone who claims to know, said that something like 0.4% of college graduates have “studies” majors.

So it’s not student demand. It’s push by leftist faculty, administration and maybe politicians in some states.

I hate the idea of starving universities financially, but that would be the only way to cure the situation and get universities back to serving society rather than trying to drive society.

I guarantee that there are no Indian or Chinese students wasting their time on the crap courses and majors.