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Parkland Students Roll Out Gun Control Proposal in the Hopes of Energizing the Youth Vote Ahead of 2020

Parkland Students Roll Out Gun Control Proposal in the Hopes of Energizing the Youth Vote Ahead of 2020

Sad. Gross. Misguided.

I have to preface this by saying I feel for these kids. Rather than receive the help and healing they deserve, their trauma was exploited by partisan factions for political purposes and it’s so gross.

Now, the Parkland students who opted to join the gun grabbing lobby are the faces of a “new” gun control initiative and the Washington Post is salivating over it.

Called “A Peace Plan for a Safer America” (alternate title: We’ve No Idea Why We Have a Second Amendment, But This Sounds Good So We’ll Roll With It), their plan tacks on every anti-gun measure imaginable. From the WaPo:

The Peace Plan would create a national licensing and gun registry, long a nonstarter with gun rights advocates; ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines; implement a mandatory gun buyback program; and install a “national director of gun violence prevention” who would report directly to the president and coordinate the federal response to what advocates call a national public health emergency.

It would dramatically increase restrictions around owning guns in ways sure to spark fierce blowback, including raising the age to 21 from 18 for those who want to buy guns. It calls for a “multi-step” gun licensing system, overseen by a federal agency, that would include in-person interviews and a 10-day wait before gun purchases are approved. The license would be renewed annually.

A national registry for a Constitutionally guaranteed protection. That’s… well-informed?
But back to the WaPo gun grabbing love fest:

“I think similarly to a lot of the country, I’m in a lot of pain right now,” said David Hogg, 19, a co-founder of March for Our Lives and a survivor of the shooting in February 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. “You see these shootings on TV every day and very little happening around it. It’s painful to watch. And I think it’s been really hard for me and many of the other students and people that we work with to find hope in this time.

“But I think that this plan is something that we can truly — as a country and as Americans united against violence and fighting for peace — can get behind.”

March for Our Lives has been focused on voter registration and outreach across the country over the past year and a half, building a national infrastructure with more than 100 chapters centered on grass-roots organizing. They hope to turn that into droves of voters at the polls next year.

…In the vein of the Green New Deal, the Peace Plan takes a holistic approach to gun violence by also calling for automatic voter registration when those eligible turn 18, along with the creation of a “Safety Corps,” which the authors compare to a Peace Corps for gun violence prevention. The plan also proposes community-based solutions like mental health services, as well as programs to address and prevent suicide, domestic violence and urban violence.

“It’s bold. It’s nothing like anyone else is proposing. We are really setting audacious goals,” said Tyah-Amoy Roberts, a Parkland survivor who is on the March for Our Lives board of directors. “And more than anything, what we are seeking to do is be intersectional. We know and acknowledge every day that gun violence prevention is not just about preventing mass shootings.”

Roberts noted that the effort is also a means of taking ownership of the conversation that has stalled legislatively in Washington — a plan “written by us, for us.”

Sad. Gross. Misguided.

Thank the good Lord we have a Constitution to protect against situational reactivity.


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These Parkland kids seem very well organized. I wonder who is running them. This shooting was imminently preventable.

I thought we were done with that little Hitler

A safety corps

I guess that would be Antifa

Random Hogg Rally; edited for clarity:

Run Like Hell

This kind of shit is why kids shouldn’t be allowed to vote until they’re 25 years old.

Virtually all brain-scientists agree that the prefrontal cortex is the brain region responsible for rational decision-making, and it’s simply not fully formed until about 25 years of age.

I love these people. Their answer to gun violence is to disarm the people who are least likely to commit that violence. Hundreds, or possibly thousands, of criminals are armed in Chicago and shooting the place up. Now of them are buying their guns in gun shops and the vast majority could not pass a background check as they exist today. So, what good are background checks. The same can be said for a national, or state or local, gun registry and licensing. Ban high capacity magazines. Well, Cruz used ten round magazines at MSDHS. So, not much of a deterrent there.

Now, the negative affects on the citizenry are even more egregious. Raising the age for owning, including purchasing a firearm, is clearly unconstitutional. To infringe upon the right of an adult to own a firearm is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment. The licensing system would out an onerous burden upon the citizenry, especially if the license has to be renewed on a periodic basis. Then we have a 10 day waiting period. This denies a law abiding citizen the right to arm himself against a specific, time sensitive threat.

More insanity from the left.

Hilarious tweet burn on the little dink the other day, and the the reply guys account got suspended probably because he burned the little dink. Getting real tired of the crap the internet nerds are doing. Time to regulate the heck out of them, or at least put enough of the fear of REGULATION into them to alter their behavior.

widdle baby davey hogg attempting to be cute:
“Remind me How many AR-15s did Jesus own?

Go F Yourself Industries CEO
“Not enough to avoid being murdered by the government”.

Account suspended

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how is this punk deemed a ” survivor” ?–he wasn’t even on the premises when the shooting occurred, was he?–turd, thy name is hogg–or maybe he’s a hogg turd?

regardless, disarming the populace for the ” prevention ” of mass shootings is a forlorn and ridiculous hope

the only successful method for stopping or curtailing mass shootings/casualties is early intervention by an armed citizen be they carrying a badge or not

    Please don’t perpetuate the silliness that he wasn’t at the school that day. His actual words don’t ‘suggest’ what some conspiracy mongers claim they suggest.

Thankfully woke politicians are on top of the violence curve…

Australia has banned at least four video games in the last three months

Games like DayZ are being banned left, right and centre.

But even after the addition of an R18+ classification for video games, video games are still treated differently in Australia, mainly as a result of the idea that “interactivity” adds impact to any sex, violence or drug use featured. Since the introduction of its R18+ rating, Australia has still banned a significant number of video games.

The right to keep and bear arms… legs, a head, and your life, shall not be infringed.

Hogg wasn’t even at Parkland. He raced over there to appropriate victim hood without actually experiencing it. He is a fraud.

    Milhouse in reply to ray. | August 21, 2019 at 10:25 pm

    That is not true. Please don’t discredit our cause by telling lies in its name.

    alaskabob in reply to ray. | August 21, 2019 at 11:51 pm

    He was in a different building about a 1/4 mile away. Never experienced firsthand any violence. But he still was on campus although I could make an argument that pedestrians walking by the school were closer to the shooting.

    The word “survivor” is bandied about with intent to deceive people… that is the real issue.

      Milhouse in reply to alaskabob. | August 22, 2019 at 12:45 am

      He was on campus, locked down and hiding together with all the other students. Not in a room with the shooter, but then very few were.

        MarkS in reply to Milhouse. | August 22, 2019 at 6:20 am

        If I’m at the airport when a plane crashes, am I a survivor?

          SDN in reply to MarkS. | August 22, 2019 at 9:40 am

          Only on Planet Milhouse.

          Milhouse in reply to MarkS. | August 22, 2019 at 10:59 am

          Planes don’t generally crash at the airport. But if you’re at the airport when someone starts shooting, even at the other end of the terminal, and you have to take shelter and are then evacuated, you’re a survivor.

          Milhouse in reply to MarkS. | August 22, 2019 at 11:00 am

          What do you call a survivor? Only someone who took a bullet?!

          Milhouse in reply to MarkS. | August 22, 2019 at 11:09 am

          In any case, whether he was a survivor is irrelevant. You are just trying to distract attention from ray’s repetition of the vicious LIE that he was not there.

          Barry in reply to MarkS. | August 22, 2019 at 3:33 pm

          “….repetition of the vicious LIE that he was not there.”

          There was nothing “vicious” involved. That’s what the gun grabbers are, vicious.

          And it’s not a “lie” if it’s believed true. If he is wrong then he’s wrong.

          And by the way, listening to his “closet” interview, which I just did again, I still say it seems faked, not at the time of the shootings.

          So, you prove he was there, or maybe you’re the “vicious liar”.

          Milhouse in reply to MarkS. | August 22, 2019 at 5:04 pm

          It’s a LIE because the person who made it up knew it was not true. It’s a vicious lie because that person was motivated entirely by hatred.

          Barry in reply to MarkS. | August 23, 2019 at 2:04 am

          You know he knows it’s a lie how exactly?
          “Planes don’t generally crash at the airport.”

          That’s a lie, perhaps a vicious one. Most crashes occur on takeoff or landing (most on landing), by far.

          Milhouse in reply to MarkS. | August 25, 2019 at 7:16 pm

          But not usually at the airport itself.

          And very very rarely in a terminal.

        Sanddog in reply to Milhouse. | August 22, 2019 at 12:06 pm

        He was in an entirely different building, in a closet with a handful of other students.

        tommy mc donnell in reply to Milhouse. | August 22, 2019 at 12:14 pm

        how did he go home to get his camera then peddle his bike real fast to get back to the school if he was locked in a building on campus with other students. those are david hogg’s own words. you are a very dishonest person.

tommy mc donnell | August 21, 2019 at 10:22 pm

does anybody know if david hogg was ever in daycare. he seems like the hyper-sensitive totalitarian that daycare and pre-school create.

amatuerwrangler | August 21, 2019 at 10:42 pm

How will they handle the event— when those 18 – 20 year olds (who were automatically registered to vote) decide to vote themselves the right to buy a gun?

When they come up with a plan that civilizes Chicago they can try to sell it nationwide. Chi-town has multiple events each month that meets the “four shot, not including shooter” criteria for a mass shooting. Anexcellent proving ground for such a plan.

You see these shootings on TV every day

You do?

Those are reruns.

I saw two “news” items trying to puff up Colombine excitement just today. If you want more of something, advertise it.

If not for that kid’s ugly mug, I’d think that photo was from Saturday Night Fever.

They’d be better off addressing mental illness than guns. Take the guns away and they’ll go for knives like in Europe … or maybe instead of shooting up a school like Nikolas Cruz, they’ll use a fertilizer bomb like Timothy McVeigh … or ricin … or start throwing acid …

The kid’s efforts are misdirected and a waste …

I was finishing dinner while looking at this post and needed a toothpick. I thought of using this moron’s arm.

BerettaTomcat | August 22, 2019 at 2:23 am

This initiative is DOA. If gun control couldn’t pass in the immediate aftermath of the Parkland horror, it won’t pass now, especially as investigations to date have pointed big fingers of blame at incompetent and cowardly cops.

The Packetman | August 22, 2019 at 6:51 am

I only hope someone asks the Dem candidates at the next debate ‘Show of hands; who supports this?’.

Make them own it, make them own it early.

I maintain the true cause of the gradual increase in mass shootings over the last few decades is due to the incessant bullying that the shooters suffered through. In school and elsewhere told they had too much energy that was abnormal which made them bad, toxic masculinity, white privilege, being male making them a member of the white patriarchy responsible for every bad thing that ever occurred, being white you shouldn’t even be allowed to speak in class (or even called upon by the teacher) or elsewhere, shamed by girls, women, and teachers, etc. If this is not enough, then consider how many of these kids come from single parent families where a father figure necessary to teach male responsibility, ethics, morality, and such is absent, church and religion is demonized removing any hope of finding emotional support through a belief system as well as the loss of a morality based upon a higher calling, and other aspects brought about by Leftist policies (e.g., welfare that promotes single parent households) and dogma.
My question is not why do these kids become mass murderers, but is, instead, why there are not many more of them given the constant abuse they face. What makes this worse is how all of these bullying views are based upon tenets of the Left being pushed by teachers and other members of the Left all while they decry bullying and the harm it all causes.
It seems curious that a great many of the Left’s policies and dogma have created conditions conducive to the mass shootings we see daily (over the weekend Chicago saw multiple killings and dozens of shootings. a push to decrease sentencing of criminals, etc.) and now the Left is promoting their ideas on gun control on how to fix the problem.

    Milhouse in reply to Cleetus. | August 22, 2019 at 11:06 am

    There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that shooters tend to have been victims of bullying. This myth started with early speculation after the Columbine shooting, but it turned out Harris and Klebold were not bullied — on the contrary, they bullied others.

    Milhouse in reply to Cleetus. | August 22, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    Also it’s not clear there has been a significant increase in mass shootings. The sample size is too small to make such determinations.

These kids are no different than any tv personality pitching any product. They didn’t write the script (obviously) they don’t have the money (obviously) and don’t have the connections to put it all together (obviously). They are merely paid props, given a few dollars and sold on the idea that they matter.

Marxists who infect our government plus the media prostitutes who protect them will gleefully lie, falsify, fabricate, slander, libel, deceive, delude, bribe, and treasonably betray the free citizens of the United States into becoming an unarmed population. Unarmed populations have been treated as slaves and chattel since the dawn of history.
Only dictators, tyrants, despots, totalitarians, and those who want to control and ultimately to enslave you support gun control.
No matter what any politician or hard-left mainstream media tells you concerning the statist utopian fantasy of safety and security through further gun control: They are lying. If their lips are moving, they are lying about gun control. These despots truly hate America..
These tyrants hate freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, and private property. But the reality is that our citizens’ ownership of firearms serves as a concrete deterrent against despotism. They are demanding to hold the absolute power of life and death over you and your family.
Ask the six million J ews, and the other five million murdered martyrs who perished in the N azi death camps, how being disarmed by a powerful tyranny ended any chances of fighting back. Ask the murdered martyrs of the Warsaw Ghetto about gun control.
Their single agenda is to control you after you are disarmed. When the people who want to control you hold the absolute power of life and death over your family, you have been enslaved.
American Thinker

Same kid who complained that a clear backpack was a violation of his rights wants to do away with ours. Got it.