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Columbia University Offers Tips to the Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’

Columbia University Offers Tips to the Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’

“Resisting Trump’s Relentless Attack on the Environment”

Is there any wonder why Republicans and independents increasingly see colleges as a bad thing?

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Ivy League school urges ‘resistance’ to ‘mean and small-minded’ Trump’s ‘moronic’ policies

Columbia University called President Donald Trump “the mean and small-minded man in the White House,” in a piece published Monday on the university’s official website, and offered tips on how to “resist” so-called “Trumpian anti-environmental regulations.”

The piece, titled, “Resisting Trump’s Relentless Attack on the Environment,” was written by Columbia professor and Senior Vice Dean of Professional Studies Steve Cohen and published by the Columbia Earth Institute’s news publication State of the Planet. The publication has no opinion section, and the piece in question is not represented as being editorial in nature.

The piece consistently frames the conversation as being about “resisting” Trump as an “anti-environmental” force, directly attacking the president, who Cohen says “sees the natural environment as a resource to exploit.”

“Dig it, mine it, pump it, turn it into condos and a golf course,” Cohen says of Trump’s supposed attitude, which he describes as “macho and moronic.”

Cohen calls out specific environmental policy changes made by Trump and ultimately calls on the public to “resist” the “barbaric tendencies” of Trump’s policies. He details many ways in which he says such resistance can be demonstrated, including registering people to vote. He notes that this is important “despite efforts at voter suppression and the out-sized role of money in politics.”


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I wonder what would happen to a student or employee of Columbia, if they said the same things about the President of the University?

Columbia home of the mattress girl. LOL!

This is from the Vice Dean of Professional Studies … and just what is Professional Studies? This attitude towards a duly elected President is going to transfer seamlessl into business meetings. I forsee great success for Columbia graduates. So, is there something in the water in NYC that causes anyone who drinks it to turn into a zombie anti-Trumper without ny common sense?