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“Mayor Pete” had $25 million 2Q presidential haul, but in South Bend increasing calls to become “Former Mayor Pete”

“Mayor Pete” had $25 million 2Q presidential haul, but in South Bend increasing calls to become “Former Mayor Pete”

Rising national star, fading star at home: “If you can’t even address those issues in a city of 100,000, my God, how can you address those issues in 50 states?”

The big news this morning? “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg raised almost $25 million for his presidential campaign in the Second Quarter of 2019:

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg hauled in a whopping $24.8 million in fundraising from nearly 300,000 donors the past three months, his campaign announced on Monday.

That’s a massive figure for a White House hopeful who was largely unknown just four months ago. And it’s more confirmation – along with polls – that South Bend, Indiana mayor has gone from a long-shot to top-tier contender for the Democratic presidential nomination.

It was a total blowout – it will be interesting to see if how the other candidates compare.

But at home, all is not well for Mayor Pete, who, if some very vocal critics are successful, will soon be known as “Former Mayor Pete.”

Tensions boiled over last week in South Bend in a scandal involving Sgt. Ryan O’Neill, the cop who shot and killed Eric Logan on June 16. Police reports state that “Logan was breaking into cars and approached O’Neill with a knife.”

The South Bend Police Union released a scathing letter accusing Buttigieg of using the tragedy ““solely for his political gain and not for the health of the city he serves.” Buttigieg focused on the Logan family which ‘ostracized others, including the families involved in shootings over the weekend or the family of O’Neill, “all of whom are suffering greatly.'”

Now more people have demanded Buttigieg resign.

All of these actions come after reports came out that “St. Joseph County Prosecutor Kenneth Cotter filed a petition asking a judge to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate” the shooting. Buttigieg also promised, “he would write the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and notify Cotter that he’d like an independent investigator appointed.”

The Washington Free Beacon reported this morning that South Bend officials and local civil activists want Buttigieg gone.

Activist and pastor Mario Sims spoke to the publication, saying that healing cannot start until Buttigieg responds. He described Buttigieg as “tone-deaf” on racial matters:

Sims has clashed with Buttigieg in the past, speaking out against the mayor’s decision to demote Boykins. That decision, coupled with Buttigieg’s lack of transparency following it, Sims said, has opened a rift between South Bend’s police and its black communities that disqualifies Buttigieg from political legitimacy.

“Right now there’s no way he can stand on the stage and honestly talk about the issues pressing this country when he can’t even successfully address the dire issues of race, lack of diversity, and poverty, not to mention the homeless issue in this city,” Sims said. “If you can’t even address those issues in a city of 100,000, my God, how can you address those issues in 50 states?”

Former president of South Bend’s Board of Public Safety Pat Cottrell joined the chorus as well:

Former president of South Bend’s Board of Public Safety Pat Cottrell also told the Free Beacon that Buttigieg should resign and that the mayor should “definitely not” be running for president after this latest incident.

Cottrell said that in addition to Buttigieg’s checkered record on racial issues, the mayor has been a poor administrator when faced with internal disagreements in city government.

“Pete is a fraud,” he said.

Like Sims, Cottrell had problems with Buttigieg in the past. He resigned from his post in 2013 “after Buttigieg ignored his recommendation to fire then-Police Chief Ron Teachman for an incident where Teachman was alleged to have refrained from helping a black police officer break up a fight.” Cottrell thought “that Buttigieg did not discipline Teachman at the time to protect his own political reputation,” which led him to lose all respect for the mayor.

Local activists have started to work with the local officials to do something about Buttigieg:

South Bend resident Tiana Wardell told the Free Beacon that she is working with Common Council member Regina Williams-Preston to hold Buttigieg accountable for the police department by proposing a new racial sensitivity program.

Wardell said she believes the friction between SBPD and the city’s black community existed long before Buttigieg took office, but under his leadership, his lack of oversight allowed old wounds to break open anew.

“I think because the lack of addressing racial concerns over his 9 years, and in the 20 years before him, that led to people getting the sense that things would not be done,” she said. “And I think when you’re not held accountable, people’s actions speak to the lack of accountability. Unfortunately, because of that, we lost someone in our community.”

Bernardo Malone, founder of Justice for South Bend, added to Wardell’s comments, saying that while he’s seen the police relationship with black communities deteriorate in his lifetime, he is willing to give Buttigieg the benefit of the doubt—if he acts soon.

“Now that he knows the full problem, if he doesn’t fix it, that will fall back on him,” he told the Free Beacon.

Like I said before, the South Bend Police Union countered Buttigieg’s actions last week and accused him of using the shooting for political gain. They claimed that his actions has led to “a wedge between law enforcement officers and the community they took an oath to serve.” The police also blasted him for ignoring victims and families of victims of other shootings in the city.

Buttigieg does not poll well with black voters. One poll from June showed that almost half of black voters have not heard of him. Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) told The Daily Beast that “Pete has a black problem” and does not “know of one black person out of Indiana who supports him.”


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Meh. As long as Buttigieg continues to plays the gay card, he is immune to criticism from the media. This will all be swept under the rug.

    I dunno, pretty sure the POC-Variable outweighs the LGBTQEIEIO-Variable in the Progressive Grievance Score™.

      I would put the current progressive power cascade in this order (from most preferred to least preferred):

      1. Muslim
      2. Transgendered
      3. Illegal aliens
      4. Homosexuals
      5. Blacks
      6. Latinos (non-illegal)
      7. Women
      8. Jews (secular only)

      Jews are rapidly sliding down the scale and soon will become honorary white males (meaning progressives will feel free to demonize and dehumanize them). Everyone else not listed is Hitler reincarnated.

        How far down your list are us WASPs?

        LGBTQEIEIO Population: <5%
        POC Population: ~30%

        "Reparations" and "free shit for immigrants" will be a much bigger issue than Pete's butt plug.

        Pete had better supplicate himself in front of the BLM crowd, and quick, or he's toast.

          Numbers have nothing to do with it. Right now white progressives who were too young for the Civil Rights era (1950s-1960s) want their own movement they can feel morally superior about. For them, homosexual rights are vastly more satisfying than reminiscing with old fart white progressives about events of over half a century ago (BOOOOOORING!).

          By contrast blacks may grumble about being taken for granted by the Democrat Party, but every election all a Democrat politician has to do is shriek “RACISM!! SLAVERY!!” at a few campaign stops, and blacks dutifully vote 90% or more for the Democrat.

          In other words: to young progressives blacks are boring and dull, while homosexuals are hot and hip. That is the future of the Democrat Party. Buttigieg has zero fear of backlash from blacks, since threats against his political future by black agitators are as feeble and worthless as the ones black leaders made against Ralph Northam. The lock solid reliability of the black vote means Democrat politicians can dump on them and they will just take it. Seriously: Buttigieg could wear a white robe and burn a cross, and it would not cost him a single black vote he was going to get.

          Paul in reply to Paul. | July 1, 2019 at 9:49 pm

          Maybe you’re right. Maybe LBJ was right. Sad if true.

2smartforlibs | July 1, 2019 at 11:56 am

GAYMAN how gets all the unspent millions when ultimately you lose? It’s not like that at money goes to the DNC.

My prediction is this guy goes nowhere.

I’d guess most of this came early in the 2nd quarter while the media was still fawning over the gay man running for president.

But he’s not black or female or both, so he’s already under the bus.

Bucky Barkingham | July 1, 2019 at 12:33 pm

Looks like homophobia in South Bend and a big outpouring of gay support from the donors.

Transgender… at least transversal sexual orientations, is trendy… and ideological supremacy.

“Pete is a fraud,” he said.

But he’s gay which makes it okay!

amatuerwrangler | July 1, 2019 at 12:47 pm

“South Bend resident Tiana Wardell told the Free Beacon that she is working with Common Council member Regina Williams-Preston to hold Buttigieg accountable for the police department by proposing a new racial sensitivity program..”

Maybe a program that helps people avoid the urge to break into cars and confront police officers with weapons would help save some lives. The constant push for sensitizing police officers to racial issues makes it look like theft and violence is inherent in some races and the police need to accommodate this.

    Spot on!

    aka Hoss in reply to amatuerwrangler. | July 2, 2019 at 9:22 am

    They always suggest programs for the police, but never ask themselves what they can do to improve relations with the police. Of course, that would require a little introspection and make them confront some hard truths they’re not willing to consider.

Gay won’t get him a pass. There’s 23 other Dems all vying for ‘king of the hill’ and Pete has round heels.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Fauxcahontas outlasts them all.

    oldgoat36 in reply to MrE. | July 1, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Don’t count out Harris, her polling has gone up after her tear filled attack against Biden. Warren isn’t likeable and has been made to look like a fool with her DNA testing and her “think I’ll have a beer” pandering.

    Harris isn’t likeable either, but she is a good story teller, even if truth isn’t a part of it. Obama could weave stories too. And being of color could give her an edge over Warren.

      Barry in reply to oldgoat36. | July 1, 2019 at 6:02 pm

      So, you’re saying a real Indian mixed with Jamaican fake black woman beats a faux American Indian woman squaw?

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to MrE. | July 1, 2019 at 3:52 pm

    Plus Ol’ Backroom Pete is as White as Kamala – the other White Meat! Snark!

I always thought he was really jockeying for the VP position, especially since he came out and focused on Pence.