Department store Macy’s dropped plates with “a series of rings labeled ‘skinny jeans,’ ‘favorite jeans,’ and ‘mom jeans'” as a suggestion for serving seizes after a CBS reporter complained.

SATIRE. How does it work?!

I guess the plates offended Ward because she believes they body shame people? She told The Washington Post she found the labels on the plates “a gross sentiment and also very out of touch with what’s fashionable right now.”

Pourtions, the maker of the plates, explained it used these labels as “a lighthearted take on the important issues of portion control.” The company apologized if the labels hurt anyone.

Pourtions’ describes itself as a company that produces products to help people “take back the power and counter this unhealthy trend” of big portions. I guess the company just wanted to stick out a little and try to use a little humor with its mission.

I’m not skinny. I’m an Italian woman with a big butt and big thighs. I diet and practice good portion control. These plates do not offend me. I laughe considering a lot of females often aim to fit into a certain pair of jeans when they lose weight.

I have a favorite pair of jeans that I use as my target goal for weight loss. Maybe that’s why I like these plates?

Just stop being so offended by every little thing. Stop letting inanimate objects like this hurt your fragile feelings.


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