Warren knows left wing college students are a major part of her base. She’s got to appease them.

CNBC reports:

Elizabeth Warren has introduced a bill that would expand food stamps for low-income college students

The mention of “food” and “college students” together might conjure up images of bustling dining halls and late-night snacks.

But for many college students, food can be a significant source of stress.

On Wednesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congressman Al Lawson introduced The College Student Hunger Act of 2019, which would expand SNAP benefits (or “food stamps”) to include Pell Grant-eligible students and “independent students,” such as those who are in foster care, who are veterans or who are homeless.

The legislation would also lower SNAP’s current work requirement for college students to 10 hours per-week and require the Department of Education to inform low-income students about their potential SNAP eligibility.

“As more and more students struggle to pay for college, 30% may be going hungry,” Warren tweeted. “Students shouldn’t have to choose between paying tuition and eating.”

Lawson echoed Warren in a statement. “The significant increase in college tuition over the last decade has forced students to make a choice between buying food or paying for books and housing expenditures. This bill will help to relieve some of that financial burden for them.”


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