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University’s ‘Queer Bible Hermeneutics’ Course Examines ‘Queerness in the Church’

University’s ‘Queer Bible Hermeneutics’ Course Examines ‘Queerness in the Church’

“Right now our UMC students seem to be rather concerned about the ecclesial situation about gay ordination and gay marriage in the [Methodist church]”

The progressive agenda is eventually going to launch an effort to promote LGBT issues in organized religion. Courses like this one are simply the lab.

The College Fix reports:

‘Queer Bible Hermeneutics’ course teaches students about ‘queerness in the church’

A course at a theological school purports to teach students about LGBT issues contained in the Bible and in Christian theology. The instructor says the course is “always well-enrolled.”

“Queer Bible Hermeneutics” at Souther Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology is a “study of the historical, political, cultural, and religious-theological discourses about gender and sexuality in the context of the interpretation of the Hebrew Bible,” the course’s website states.

The course “develops self-critical perspectives about the influence of biblical meanings on hermeneutically dynamic, politically and religiously charged conversations over socio-cultural practices related to LGBTQ communities.”

The syllabus of the course states that queer hermeneutics is “an increasingly important research area in the academic field of biblical studies.”

The instructor of the course, Susanne Scholz, told The College Fix that the course is popular with students.

“It is always well-enrolled,” she said via email. Scholz said, however, that students have recently become trepidatious over debates about homosexuality within the Methodist church.

“Right now our UMC students seem to be rather concerned about the ecclesial situation about gay ordination and gay marriage in the [Methodist church],” Scholz said, adding: “It is breaking the hearts of many UMC members, and our UMC students worry about their ministerial future in light of the decision to disallow gay ordination and gay marriages in UMC congregations.”


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I wonder how much time they spend covering the passages about Sodom and Gomorrah.

Would the study of The “Queer Bible”…
Be called Hermeneutered instead of hermeneutics?

They will need to look up: Abomination that is what homosexuality is;

DieJustAsHappy | June 16, 2019 at 7:26 pm

No doubt, a course filled with proof-texting, arguments out of silence, eisegesis, and the sort of associative thinking that leads to unsubstantiated conclusions. Such methodology is what has lead the mainline Protestant denominations to the circumstance they face today.

They’ve diminished whatever they could to advance the homosexual agenda. Now, the backlash in underway. So be it.

Oh, kee-rist . . . I had to read all the way to the end to find that they’re hand-wringing about the Methodist church.

I find it hard to imagine serious hermeneutics (here, the interpretation of Scripture) and Methodists in the same sentence.

    mochajava76 in reply to tom_swift. | June 17, 2019 at 11:21 am

    Duke University is affiliated with the UMC, and until a year or two ago Richard Hays was the dean. (He stepped down because of his battle with cancer).
    Check out his “Moral Vision of the New Testament”

    Another stalwart in the Methodist tradition is Ben Witherington.

    So some strands have some strong hermeneutical traditions

The Bible is quite clear on homosexuality: don’t do it.

There are exactly zero passages condoning it