Is this the sort of person you want to pay thousands of dollars to educate your child? Does this even sound like a person with a sound mind?

The College Fix reports:

GOP-hating prof says Republicans ‘pimp God’ by turning ‘Her’ into a ‘gun-toting bigot’

A professor of Pan-African Studies from the University of Louisville tore apart the local GOP in a rather boastful Courier Journal op-ed last week.

The bowtie-wearing, index finger-on-the-side-of-the-face-posing Ricky Jones responded to a piece from the Jefferson County (Kentucky) Republican Party by noting (in Ultron-esque fashion) that he has “no strings” on his person, is “free,” and will gladly take on any ten Republicans in a debate just to make it “halfway fair.”

The county GOP’s remarks (“Jones demonstrates […] utter contempt for people who don’t think or act like [him]” among others) were in response to a previous Jones op-ed tolerantly titled “Support for Donald Trump and Matt Bevin proves America is a nasty nation.”

With modesty in short supply, Jones regurgitates the usual litany of complaints against Republicans — trying to overturn Brown v. Board of Ed. and Roe v. Wade, voter suppression, blatant lying — and offers up a fresh take on this zinger: “I have contempt for you because you pimp God — turning Her into a callous, homophobic, supremacist, gun-toting bigot to justify your nastiness.”

Further, Jones complains that using the term “racist” against him is “monstrous,” and in Marc Lamont Hill-fashion, he refers to blacks with different political beliefs (Kanye West and Diamond and Silk) as “lost souls.”


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