The lawsuit takes direct aim at off-campus fraternities and alleges that these organizations make the school a dangerous place.

NBC News in Connecticut reports:

Yale Students File Class Action Lawsuit Against University Over Sexual Discrimination

In New Haven, some women are tackling sexual discrimination head-on.

NBC Connecticut’s Keisha Grant sat down with the students spearheading a lawsuit against Yale University and its fraternities to find out why they call the culture on campus dangerous.

Anna McNeil and Ry Walker are both juniors at Yale, but they’re more than just classmates and friends – they’re young women on a mission.

“It’s a class action lawsuit on behalf of all women,” McNeil explained. “I’m proud to lead this charge. ”

These women are using their voices to take on a 300-year-old institution.

“Our lawsuit against Yale and the fraternities allege gender discrimination. It also alleges a hostile environment in terms of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment,” McNeil said.

They are two of three students who filed an 85-page class action lawsuit against Yale in federal court.

“We’re really filing this lawsuit to try to correct the harm that so many people experience.,” McNeil said.

It’s an experience Walker said she never thought she’d encounter when she set foot on campus for the first time.

“When I first got to campus I didn’t know how dominant Greek like would be in the social life at Yale,” Walker said.

“I was being touched, I was being groped without my consent in these very dark, very cramped spaces which are fueled by alcohol,” she added.

“Nothing in Yale’s promotional material suggests that frat culture is as influential as it is and is as dangerous as it is,” McNeil said.

Yale’s fraternities are technically off-campus, but these students are calling for more accountability from the university.