Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) made headlines today with a plan to fine companies if they cannot prove they pay women and men equally.

While the plan is stupid, it seems Harris does not practice what she preaches since The Washington Free Beacon discovered she pays men more who work in her office and on her campaign.

Like I said the equal pay thing is dumb, but I’ll get into that later. Let’s look at the paychecks of those in Harris’s office and campaign.

The Washington Free Beacon analyzed pay for those who received paychecks “for the entirety of the pay periods.” Yes, men made more money:

In her Senate office’s most recent six-month disclosure, covering the period from April 1, 2018, through Sept. 31, 2018, the median male salary disbursement was $34,999 and the median female salary disbursement was $32,999, leaving women with just 94 cents of every dollar paid to men.

The gender pay gap for the previous six-month period, during which the median male salary was $27,167 and the median female salary was $25,749.97, was a nearly identical 6 percent.

The pay gap was even greater during the first full month of Harris’s presidential campaign in February—the median female salary disbursement for the month, $5,763.97, was about 87 percent of the median male salary disbursement, $6,632.23, a further analysis of her campaign filing found.

The Harris campaign came closer to gender pay equality in March, when the median female disbursement was about 95 percent of the median male disbursement.

I know the print is small, but if you look at the pay, it seems Harris pays her employees based on position and, I’m guessing, how much work they do for her.

Interesting, right?

Companies pay you on your worth, not on your sex or race. Men tend to make more money because they work more hours than women. Men can also perform more labor-intensive jobs since biology made them stronger than women.

Harris’s plan would force “companies to submit data each year on equal pay to comply with new standards” From Fox News:

The senator’s plan, if passed into law, would mandate that large corporations obtain ‘equal pay certification’ from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Companies failing to land a certification would face fines – for every 1 percent wage gap, they would be fined 1 percent of their profits.

If Congress does not pass her plan into law, Harris vowed she would take executive action, as she would with her plan to stem gun violence. Harris said she would require companies applying for federal contracts to meet the equal pay standards.

Hhhmm…so private companies have to do this, but not government employees? I love how everyone points to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but do not bother to investigate further.


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