The professor who is under fire here is from Puerto Rico and has mixed racial heritage, but he defied the left’s preferred narrative.

The College Fix reports:

Canadian profs want colleague investigated for ‘racist positions’

Faculty at the University of New Brunswick in Canada have signed on to a letter lambasting a “controversial” sociology professor as a “racist without academic merit.”

According to The Globe and Mail, the academics also allege the way Professor Ricardo Duchesne “cloaks his views in academic legitimacy is an abuse of his status as a professor.”

In response, Duchesne pointed out he is an immigrant (from Puerto Rico) of mixed-race parentage who merely “questions an ideology initiated and supported by privileged whites”: that of the “mandated ideology of diversity and mass immigration.”

“It is rather rich for the academics who signed this letter to claim that the ‘hallmark of academic freedom’ is to subject views to criticism while at the same time seeking to deny my right to criticize [diversity and immigration],” Duchesne wrote. “None of the individuals who signed this letter has any scholarly background in the subject of Canadian immigration or multiculturalism.”

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