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Democrat Presidential Candidates Go All-In For Green New Deal, a General Election Gift to Trump

Democrat Presidential Candidates Go All-In For Green New Deal, a General Election Gift to Trump

Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand tweet their support for this crazy plan, but it will be used against them in a general election should they get the nomination.

Thursday, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez introduced the Green New Deal. The plan is so brilliant, it seeks to eliminate cow farts.

Naturally, Democratic presidential hopefuls wholeheartedly endorsed the Green New Deal. (h/t Shane Goldmacher Twitter)

The Deal is a joke and one that disproprotionately harms the poorest and less fortunate. Anyone signing onto this bill will regret it down the road politically. It may play in parts of the Democrat Party, but it will be used in hundreds of campaign ads against Democrats.


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The Green New Deal. Another ‘water melon’ hoax.

I’m okay with them trying to out-left each other.

This pretty much lays the whole ‘global warming’ hoax bare. It’s all about income redistribution and implementation of the Marxist agenda.

“Green Deal”, indeed. It is unfortunate science is unable to harness all this political hot air. Certainly there would be enough energy generated to last us for eternity.

They will go far left for the primaries and then pretend to be “moderates” for the general election with has different voters and types of candidates. The will be for the GND before they are against it.

    TX-rifraph in reply to TX-rifraph. | February 8, 2019 at 9:35 am

    In my opinion, one votes for a candidate in the primary and against a candidate in the general. They are different types of elections.

    Edward in reply to TX-rifraph. | February 8, 2019 at 9:59 am

    I will be absolutely amazed if the President lets them get away with that scam. He’s far too good at using this sort of error to his benefit.

The Green New Deal … “Back to the Dark Ages” where disease and pestilence roamed.

…because it’s exactly the kind of action it will take to conquer the biggest threat of our lifetime.

You mean, it will help eliminate global leftism?

    Edward in reply to rinardman. | February 8, 2019 at 10:02 am

    Perhaps. Those proudly proclaiming their support are exposing themselves for the extremists they are. Under normal circumstances the MSM would simply ignore that, but President Donald Trumpm and his re-election campaign will not.

Willie Brown must have told her what to do. This woman is a total moron.

    amatuerwrangler in reply to snapper451. | February 8, 2019 at 10:40 am

    I am sooo proud to be represented by this moron. And he grandmother, DiFi.

    You guys need to pay us more respect for keeping such a large bunch of lib voters corralled behind our Electoral Collage limit. We are the “Bastone” of modern American politics. 🙂

The only way to implement the Green Deal is to strip away freedom from everyone and establish a ruling committee. For the people of course as you need a central group to plan and run everything to make sure all follow the ten year plan.

We can call this new America the U.A.S.S.

Union of American Socialist States.

All hail UASS!

Look what happened in the congressional mid-terms. The idea that the American public can sort its way through this idiotic Green plan is mistaken. People are uninformed, and a lot of them are utterly clueless. You can laugh at AOC & her nitwit ideas, but should you go out and poll Joan Q. Public on individual items, the result may disappoint you.

Entire states believe her stupid plan is valid. BIG states, NY, MA, CA, and I’m starting to think even Texas has lost its mind (big vote for that fraud Beto, high speed rail boondoggle, because rail is good and cars & planes are bad).

Put another way, I doubt the majority of American voters have the brains and the guts to stand up to the environmental steamroller.

A good yardstick here would be to see if AOC gets reelected. She got 16,000 votes, in a district w/700,000 souls. Let’s see what happens now that the district has been ‘woke.’

I’m not optimistic.

    CorkyAgain in reply to Titan28. | February 8, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    Yep. I live in Washington state, in a suburb of the Soviet of Seattle, and I can tell you that people around here believe this kind of nonsense.

    God help us if the rest of the nation does too.

I barely know what to say. Trump has literally destroyed the ability of these people to think critically.

The GND reads like it was written by a middle schooler or a collection of thoughts from a group discussion in a high school enviro class. It is so simplistic and ignorant that we are wasting monumental amounts of time and energy even discussing it yet here are the “best and brightest” of the Democrat party signing up to support a total fairy tale drafted by a woman who was waiting tables a year ago.

I really fear for the future of our country and intend to begin working up a personal plan B should any of these dimwits win.

This article goes far to explain the Steve Green cartoon today in the San Diego Union-Tribune. It has a picture of an owl holding a sign with the word “environmentalism” and captioned “wise,” next to another bird holding a sign “Green New Deal,” and captioned “cuckoo.”

His online cartoons lag by a few days, so the picture is not yet available.

Even in California, albeit what passes for the centrist section.

ugottabekiddinme | February 8, 2019 at 11:37 am

My favorite description (sorry, can’t recall where) of this “Deal” was to call it “dorm-level ready.” Heh.

I really fear for the future of our country and intend to begin working up a personal plan B should any of these dimwits win.

wish it were possible to assure you none of this nonsense will ever come to pass–instead, have to agree with you entirely regards a plan B–if it does actually come about, the first efforts against it will be ” civil disobedience ” and then, since the leftists can’t tolerate opposition to their plans, things will proceed to force and at that point we’ll be back in the wild, wild west

There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.
–George Orwell

While the Green Deal is totally insane, it is still dangerous. In the short run [the next two years], it will be used to push through more restrictive legislation in the areas of health care, gun control, environmental regulation and social welfare programs. It is nothing more than the old Democrat tactic of scoffing at the idea that the whole pie is not edible at one time, but a slice here or there is good for you. In is incrementalism.

And, it will work for them because of the near majority of voters who either want or expect something for nothing. The Republicans will go along with them as they have for the last half century.

As nutty as this is, we have to take it seriously in fighting it. There are enough people in this country who vote mindlessly that she could get re-elected; and too many people will support this craziness.

Michael Moore is on record as saying it’s too bad she can’t run for President–that’s how crazy that Democratic Party has become.

I just looked at AOC’s district. It has City Island and some big areas of the Bronx where I know police, firefighters, teachers, streets and sanitation etc. live. Is there not one articulate conservative among those 700k people who could primary her? Hell, run as a Democrat, so you can get elected.

My grandmother, an accomplished and elegant Southern woman, used to say of someone in whom she held contempt, “He(She) ain’t worth killing.” That’s a pretty serve cut.

And I say a version of the “ain’t worth” expression with respect to the dopey Green New Deal. It ain’t worth even thinking about, much less discussing. Let it die the long, tortuous death that it deserves.

That is all.

Perhaps, while we are rebuilding every house, apartment, and factory in the country as part of the Green New Deal, we could make them all resistant to a 20MT thermonuclear device. The ultimate in safe spaces.

I am beginning to think that AOC is a republican plant. This plan with all the apparent co-sponsors needs to be on every political ad in every district in 2020.

I had my doubts about Trump getting re-elected, just due to the idiocy of many of our citizens.

However, this probably assures his re-election.

It might be a good thing people don’t drop dead just because I wish it, or, a bad thing as I see it. We’d have at least 50% less people to feed.

I would love to recover a not-intended-for-public-consumption video of these Democrats who sell these nutty ideas displaying what they really think of their base who supports such stupidity.

These are important issues for our times. I hope the media has the courage to devote the first Democrat primary debate to cow farts.

democrats need to demand their voters stop flying and start taking trains. They can immediately shrink air travel by 50%, which will ensure the earth doesn’t end in 12 years. Lead by example dems. The democrats can immediately implement the green new deal in California, since they have a democrat supermajority. They’ve also started a high speed rail, which is way behind schedule and way over budget. Put your insanity where your mouths are democrats… flat out crazy and dangerous to America.

What has peta said about the possible murder of all those flatulent cows?
Seems like they need to start picketing the dems…..