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Starbucks’ new bathroom policy not working out as hoped

Starbucks’ new bathroom policy not working out as hoped

However, it is working out as expected.

It has been 7 months since the famous purveyor of caffeinated confection, Starbucks, declared their bathrooms “open to the public” without the need to purchase their products.

Data suggests that the virtue signaling isn’t working out as well as hoped by the corporate leaders. A New York Post team investigated several Manhattan bathrooms and found that there wasn’t an open stall.

…A half-dozen toilets were locked or barricaded for no clear reason. Others were closed for prolonged “cleaning,” which an insider said was needed after extreme soiling caused by drug-using, incontinent vagrants.

“Letting everybody in has resulted in nobody getting in,” an employee at one branch fumed.

“Rest Room closed,” declared signs at 399 Seventh Ave. (entrance on West 32nd Street) and at a branch at Pearl Street and Maiden Lane. At 252 W. 31st St., the road to relief was blocked by garbage cans. Furniture and boxes formed a barrier at 61 W. 56th St.

A rope and traffic cones barred the way at 38 Park Row. When a desperate visitor asked if the loo would reopen any time soon, a barista directed him to a Dunkin’ Donuts nearby.

Why would the bathrooms need “prolonged cleaning”? Perhaps the experience of the Seattle shops provides an explanation:

Several Starbucks workers in Seattle say that they’re encountering hypodermic needles on the job nearly every day and that they’ve had to take antiviral medications to protect themselves from HIV and hepatitis.

Three employees at the coffee giant in northern Seattle told the local news station KIRO 7 that visitors would dispose of the needles in store restrooms, often in tampon-disposal boxes, and that workers would then come in contact with them while cleaning and were sometimes accidentally poked.

KIRO 7 said the three employees provided hospital, pharmacy, and insurance receipts showing that they took antiviral medications to protect against HIV and hepatitis after being poked by needles at work.

Providing extra safety training and prophylactic care for employees can be expensive. The extra costs could have been a contributing factor in a spate of recent layoffs.

Starbucks will lay off 350 corporate employees amid a broader effort to revamp its global operations even as the coffeehouse chain’s former top executive gears up for a 2020 presidential bid.

Chief Executive Officer Kevin Johnson announced the 5 percent reduction of Starbucks’ global workforce in a staff email on Tuesday, writing that the layoffs are “a result of work that has been eliminated, de-prioritized or shifting ways of working within the company.”

The best lesson to be had here may be not to let anything other than profit and customer satisfaction drive your business decisions.


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With each liberal failure there has to be a ‘time out’ to deal with the crushing perplexity of ‘why’.

“The best lesson to be had here may be not to let anything other than profit and customer satisfaction drive your business decisions.”

Unless, of course, you are GM. Then you have to place Duh Donald’s approval above all else. Or you’re “nasty” and will not be treated well in future.

“Data suggests that the virtue signaling isn’t working out as well as hoped by the corporate leaders. A New York Post team investigated several Manhattan bathrooms and found that there wasn’t an open stall.”
That, right there, is some mighty hard journalism.
Good grief.

Anyone here know what a ‘wine bar’ is? I didn’t either until I started driving a taxi in downtown Seattle back in ’76. Dear Lord, what a dive these places were. Wine for wino’s – by the glass! CHEAP rot gut wine for wino’s. One of the things I learned quickly was to never ever pick up a bell from one of these joints. Wine ‘squirts’ are a particularly vile type fluid discharge that often dribbled down the pants of these skid row inhabitants…women were the worse. I think that while I was still living in the Puget Sound area the city council outlawed the sale of ‘fortified wine’, and for good reason.

But isn’t this what the SJW mobs want, equality in outcome? If your neighbor lives a week in filth encrusted clothing, then the average taxpayer should also be entitled to the same amenity…even if they don’t want to partake. It’s no wonder Mexican peons stand on the seats and squat over the bowl. I’ve seen photo’s of some of the squat toilets in China…nasty!

Yup, pay your taxes and shut up. I wonder if Seattle has bums pooping on the sidewalks yet. I know the alley’s smell like urine….or they did 40 years ago.

    “Pick a bell”?

      C. Lashown in reply to RodFC. | December 14, 2018 at 9:07 am

      “Bell” is what a fare was called over the radio – everything is computerized now. Some cities the dispatcher never talks with the drivers, other then supply directions to difficult addresses. If you didn’t want to pick up the ‘bell’ just say it was a wine bar and couldn’t find the customer.

McDonald’s has good flavored Mochas – $3 for a large.

“Get woke, go broke”

$2.95? My how times have changed! You

There is an opposite side to the coin.
Usually the first thing I do when going to a fast food place is to go to the bathroom. Mainly because I have to go. I usually take carry out, and I am not going to carry my food into their skanky bathroom.
Even if I eat at the place, I am not going to leacve my food at the table while I go to the bathroom.

I understand not wanting general people using their bathrooms, at the same times, some people use the bathrooms of a store even rthough they are not purc hasing that time, but are often customers.

So for store owners it’s a bit of a problem.

RodFC – I’m fairly sure a ‘customers only’ policy for restrooms and seating exists primarily to allow store employees to inquire about the status of people who are loitering in the establishment, and to provide them a justification for ejecting people who don’t indicate they at least intend to make purchases. It is not intended to make employees bathroom monitors.

I think the policy is working as intended. I think the theory behind the policy is that street people should have the same quality opportunity to use a bathroom as Starbucks customers. Mission accomplished.

buckeyeminuteman | December 14, 2018 at 1:15 pm

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” Field & Stream/Dick’s and Starbucks really need to remind themselves of this.

Whenever I’m in a city on business, I always seek an independent coffee shop. I suggest others do as well.

I used to own a porta potty company.

God help anyone who has to clean up after the homeless have set up camp in your “facility”.

The downside to this is that my local mochahut is now more crowded and my chances of snagging the “uber chair” are less than I like. I was chatting with a regular the other day and we both agreed that Fourbux was now only an option on Thanksgiving and Christmas mornings. I have noticed that I am getting a lot more email solicitations since they finally noticed that I hadn’t added money to my card since the policy change. Quite frankly, these large corporation shooting themselves in the foot over SJW issues could signal a return to more smaller independent businesses.

Laying people off??? I thought that was something that only the evil greedy corporations did, not St. Starbuck?

Clearly, they only care about money. They probably don’t think people should be allowed to set their own salary, either!

Starbucks’ new bathroom policy not working out as hoped.
Wrong, it is working out EXACTLY as I hoped!

Char Char Binks | December 16, 2018 at 5:16 pm

Good. I hope Starbucks goes out of business in my lifetime.

Char Char Binks | December 16, 2018 at 5:22 pm

“The best lesson to be had here may be not to let anything other than profit and customer satisfaction drive your business decisions.”

But their typical customer, a yoga-pants-wearing Becky, wants to know that profits from her $5 Crappuccino don’t come at the expense of harming Black folks, and believes a few HIV infections among the cleaning staff is small price to pay.

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