Online progressive magazine Slate has run into a bit of trouble with it’s writing staff. According to the Washington Examiner, “52-1 to authorize a strike and are considering walking out of their jobs.”

From the Slate union’s Twitter account:

According to the WaEx, Slate’s union is ticked at management who is allowing employees the choice of backing the union instead of requiring all staff to pay union dues.

Journalists at the liberal publication want higher pay, a more diverse workforce and management to back off its support for “right-to-work” policies, which prohibit workers from being obligated to join or otherwise financially support a union as a condition of work.

…Slate’s writers voted 45-7 in January to form a union and are affiliated with the Writers’ Guild of America East. The union has been bargaining for a contract for 8 months.

The writers are angered over management’s insistence that individual workers be allowed to decide whether they back the union rather than having their dues automatically deducted.

“It has the potential to sow discord amongst its members. It is also, at heart, a union-busting measure. It is designed to dilute the power of unions,” SlateUnion tweeted in June.

A spokesperson for’s management did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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