A decade ago, this would be dismissed as fringe. But now we have elected officials in America pushing the same thing.

The College Fix reports:

Socialist group talks ‘revolutionary transformation of a world economy’ at San Diego State

Apparently believing they’re the ones to make it work this time, the International Youth and Students for Social Equality discussed “the possibilities of socialism in the 21st century” at San Diego State University on November 15.

Thanks in part to the success of the Bernie Sanders campaign during the last presidential election, (democratic) socialism has edged further into the political mainstream, according to The Daily Aztec.

Socialist rhetoric, however, remains pretty much as it’s always been.

Event speaker David North, chairman of the Socialist Equality Party, advocated for “the revolutionary transformation of a world economy through the implementation of a socialist government,” and said the working class would lead the way.

North said if the working class held power in the United States, “forms of inequality and exploitation that exist would be abolished.”

From the article:

North’s ideal of the working class in power entails a system that empowers them and removes the profit motive employed under a capitalist structure.

“The working class would abolish forms of exploitation, establish popular universal control of the productive forces and rebuild society on a socialistic basis,” North said.