Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been an outspoken critic of President Trump.  She’s called for his impeachment and then promised to follow that up by “going after” Vice President Mike Pence; she’s called for #TheResistance to find and confront Trump officials wherever they are. 

She’s infamously let slip that she would like to nationalize the oil industry and has been embroiled in a long list of questionable ethics- and nepotism-related scandals.

Waters is now promising retribution (revenge?) against America’s financial institutions if the Democrats win control of the House in Tuesday’s midterm elections.  If that occurs, Waters will likely be named to chair the Financial Services Committee, and she promises to use that position to go after “all of Wall Street . . . . all the insurance companies . . . all the banks.”

The American Mirror reports:

If Democrats take over the House in the midterm elections, Maxine Waters has some scores to settle.

The California congresswoman told a group of constituents what’s in store for her enemies, should she gain the chairmanship of the Financial Services Committee.

. . . . “First of all, if we take back the House, most of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus will be chairs of the committees of the Congress of the United States of America,” Waters said, waving her fingers as the audience applauded.

“I will be the first African-American, the first woman to chair the powerful Financial Services Committee.

“That’s all of Wall Street. That’s all the insurance companies, that’s all the banks. And so, of course, the CEOs of the banks now are saying, ‘What can we do to stop Maxine Waters because if she gets in she’s going to give us a bad time?’” she said.

“I have not forgotten you foreclosed on our houses,” she warned.

“I have not forgotten that you undermined our communities,” she continued with the tone of a preacher.

“I have not forgotten that you sold us those exotic products, had us sign on the dotted line for junk,” she yelled, “and for mess that we could not afford.”

“I have people who are homeless who have never gotten back into a home. What am I going to do to you?

“What I am going to do to you is fair. I’m going to do to you what you did to us,” she vowed.

Interestingly, she begins this threat by noting that President Trump is unpresidential and that he “has no good values.”


President Trump is warning that should Democrats win, Waters will be “in charge of our Country’s finances.”

Fox News reports:

President Trump warned voters against the Democratic Party’s takeover in the upcoming midterm elections, saying their victory will mean California Congresswoman Maxine Waters will be put in charge of the country’s finances.

The president appears to be referencing a Fox News report that said Waters is likely to take the reins of a powerful House committee in the event of Democrats retaking the lower chamber.

The 80-year-old lawmaker from California, who Trump previously called a “low-IQ individual”, is likely to be promoted to chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, where she’s currently the ranking member. The committee has the power to subpoena and direct the fate of certain bills before they even reach a floor vote.

The committee oversees the housing, banking, insurance, and securities industries.

Twitter is abuzz with reaction.


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