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Farrakhan denies chanting Death to America and Israel while in Iran, but his denial is laughable

Farrakhan denies chanting Death to America and Israel while in Iran, but his denial is laughable

Admits he said “death to” in Farsi, as the crowd responded with “America” and “Israel”

On November 5, I blogged about anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan leading “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” chants in Iran.

The racist Nation of Islam leader has issued a laughable “denial” because it’s not actually a denial.

From The Washington Times:

Audio and video from his appearance show him speaking the Farsi words for “death to,” which sound like “marg bar.”

“America hates when you say, ‘marg bar Israel.’ Am I saying it right?” asked Mr. Farrakhan, flanked by Iranian officials, at an appearance before students and media.

Several people in the audience corrected his pronunciation. He then said “marg bar” twice, to which they answered “America” and “Israel.” The crowd laughed as a smiling Farrakhan then shouted, “Okay!”

Does that mean he led a chant? The Iranian television announcer thought so, saying in Farsi, “Listen to the leader of the Nation of Islam chanting ‘Death to America,’” although Mr. Farrakhan did not say “America.”

“I asked a question about how to pronounce the chant in Farsi during my meeting with Iranian students and an examination of the video shows just that,” said Mr. Farrakhan. “My point was to engage students in a talk about what gives a nation perpetuity versus that which undermines and destroys a nation.”

Here’s the audio:

After the chant, Farrakhan told the students, “If you mean death to America, death to Israel, then you must mean life for Islam, life for Iran, life for Muslims.”

The Washington Times quoted our own Professor Jacobson:

Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson called his denial “extremely unpersuasive, given his history,” a reference to Mr. Farrakhan’s record of anti-Semitic jabs, such as last month’s tweet referring to Jews as termites.

“If his defense is he only spoke the words ‘death to,’ but he didn’t lead the chant, that seems to be the equivalent over what the definition of ‘is’ is,” said Mr. Jacobson, who runs the conservative Legal Insurrection blog.


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I’m guessing you’re blogging about it because the response from the mainstream media has been loud crickets in the background.

revoke this punk’s passport.

JusticeDelivered | November 9, 2018 at 2:23 pm

Put him on the do not fly list, while he is outside America. let him stay in Iran. The knock out all of Iran’s reservoirs and hydroelectric dams. Justify this by citing Iran harboring an American traitor 🙂

    Putting him on the no-fly list requires grounds. And even if he is on the list he can just fly to Canada and come home overland.

    And no, harboring a traitor is not grounds for war. Or Turkey would have grounds for war against us for harboring Güen.

He’s credible, dontcha think? Jim Acosta should get him to vouch for his innocence, too. Video, schmideo. Are you going to believe him or your lying ears and eyes?

DieJustAsHappy | November 9, 2018 at 3:21 pm

Well, then, I could say marg bar … and if ya’ll responded “Farrakhan,” I could claim that how was I to know what they would say.

I had my fill of this radical activist back in the early 80s. While I understand the focus on antisemitism in this post, I remind you that Louis Farrakhan also called for the elimination of all white people. He should have been ignored by the MSM a long time ago, unfortunately he seems to fit their agenda.

In my opinion (and opinions are like armpits – they frequently smell) the basic problem is FEAR. America is fearful of an armed insurrection. Be they radical Blacks, Muslims or White Nationalists, America is fearful. Why the fear? Conflict, the kind that leaves bodies lying in the streets or corn fields, robs a nation of it’s wealth and security. America, regardless of the endless Patriotic hurrah, is a nation fearful of standing up for the ‘right’ and putting down the perverse.

Farrakhan was smart, he picked (or they picked him) radical blacks and preached to them his bitter hate. American law enforcement tightened their sphicter’s and said, WTF! and did nothing. One shot fired and Farrakhan would fold like a cheap suit, but what a mess on the world stage that would be. And the ‘world’ certainly is not on America’s side. How the mighty have fallen…

The country he curses sure has provided a fruitful existence to that hateful prick.