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Maher: Michael Avenatti could be the Trump of 2020

Maher: Michael Avenatti could be the Trump of 2020

Democrats want a dirty fighter. Antifa in a suit. Don’t rule him out.

Bill Maher had Steve Bannon on his show a few days ago.

The topic turned to 2020 Democrat presidential candidates.

Maher put out there that Michael Avenatti “could be the Trump of 2020.”

“[Avenatti] could be the Trump of 2020, the guy who’s the outsider, who like blows through the regular politician because he looks different, he looks different, and he’s got balls”

Bannon agreed:

“He’s got a fearlessness, and he’s a fighter. I think he’ll go through a lot of that field, if he decides to stick with it, like a sieve through grass.”

Sure, laugh.

Avenatti is serious about running. The tweet pinned to the top of his Twitter account (he has 866k followers) is his policy positions.

Avenatti is a blow hard, a publicity hound, a non-politician. What possible chance does he have against experienced politicians?

Laugh like they laughed at Trump.

Avenatti knows how to attract cameras. He’s planning a counter-rally to Trump’s planned rally with Ted Cruz. If Avenatti turns out a big crowd, he’ll get momentum.

Democrats want a dirty fighter. Antifa in a suit.

Being branded a “Creepy Porn Lawyer” is a plus to Democrats because he represents Stormy Daniels, someone trying to take down Trump. Representing the loon Rachel Swetnick is a plus to Democrats, because Avenatti is representing someone trying to take down Trump’s nominee.

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, and if Democrats don’t take back the House, the base of the Democrat Party is going to be looking for a savior. A dirty, ruthless savior.

Don’t rule him out doing well in the Democrat primaries.

Going up against Trump will be another thing. But let’s wait on that, and see how much wreckage Avenatti leaves in his path to the nomination.


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I’m thinking this new accusation that he represents will greatly undermine his credibility and momentum. It should at least…it’s pure crap.

He’d also have to be the first independent in the history of the US to win the election because the Dems are still entrenched with a civil war between identity politics and the corrupt career politicians, who would be united in saying no to his nomination (he’s a good bit too white and male for the identity vote). I hope he does run…he will split off votes from whoever the Dems trot out.

    For Avenatti to win the Democratic nomination would require that the party shrink dramatically. There just aren’t that many kooks who are that stupid to rally behind this perverted ambulance chaser.

    I don’t care how much money these Masters of the Universe might spend on this guy (and I hope they waste billions on this latest bonfire of the vanities), people are just not interested in buying their cancer anymore.

Lol lol lol lol ???? bring him on

oh puh-lease. This is just silly.

JusticeDelivered | October 3, 2018 at 9:44 pm

I do think that Dems are crazy enough to to run a slim bag like Avenatti, after all, he is a small step above Hillary 🙂

The man is a legend in his own mind.

    I agree with you and with Maher. As Bill Maher said: “Avenatti could be the Trump of 2020,” because, like Trump, he “is a legend in his own mind.”

Never underestimate the stupidity of the leftist voters. Never.

Colonel Travis | October 3, 2018 at 9:46 pm

So what the (D)s need now is someone who is a fighter? Uh, OK. As Prof. Jacobson said earlier today, the (D) party has created a hostile environment in the entire United States, with them dishing out the hostility.

For daring to oppose them politically, the only levels of oppression they have not unleashed on the citizenry are jail and death.

Is he really any worse than any other potential Dimocrat candidate?

I’m sure the fetid cream of the crop will get the Dimocrat’s nomination.

I’m pretty sure, like 100%, that the “Trump of 2020” role is already taken. The guy should stick to his “Creepy Porn Lawyer”.

McConnell has filed for cloture on the Senate floor.

There are some serious problems in the comparison.

Trump won because he was willing to publicly confront issues that other conservatives were not. They either refused to actually talk about immigration, or like Amnestry Rubio, were convinced that people ‘wanted’ amnesty.

Trump wasn’t having any of it, he publicly said what the others were afraid to say.

Avenatti is just slinging the same crap that every other Democrat is already publicly slinging, but with a whole lot less intelligence.

    Barry in reply to Olinser. | October 3, 2018 at 10:30 pm

    “There are some serious problems in the comparison.”

    Ditto. Comparing the creepy porn lawyer to President Trump is, to be kind, a mistake.

      pwaldoch in reply to Barry. | October 4, 2018 at 3:49 pm

      The comparison is at best that they were outsiders. That’s it folks. Avenatti will just as dirty a dem as any other dem.

God could not be this good to us. We do not deserve a blessing of this magnitude.

His ‘policy positions’ are the same old progressive tripe. Another collectivist douche bag.

Heck that is the funniest joke Bill has told in years!

Democrats want a dirty fighter. Antifa in a suit.

First, Avenatti needs to be DISBARRED by the State of Failafornia. If the Bar there lets him keep his license, they lose ALL credibility on EVER disciplining anyone licensed to practice law there ever again. FOREVER.

Avenatti is a successful Jackass. He’s been a lucky Ambulance Chaser in that he’s been at the right firm, at the right time, to milk settlements out of litigation involving Christina Aguilera, The Eagles, and KPMG, the NFL, Paris Hilton, Service Corporation International, and The Apprentice (which is where his Trump Derangement Syndrome was created and focused).

Avenatti successfully sealed his lips to Jonathan Turley’s ass while at George Washington University Law School when Turley was working on FISA Court Constitutional issues, and used that as a platform to launch himself, along with his prior work with The Research Group, a political opposition research and media firm run by (TA-DAH!) Rahm Emanuel.

The bigger problem is that Avenatti is effectively BROKE. In 2018, Avenatti’s law firm was subjected to a $10 million judgment in U.S. bankruptcy Court. Avenatti has also defaulted on a $440,000 judgment in back taxes, penalties, and interest that he was personally obligated to pay under another bankruptcy settlement. The U.S. Attorney’s office asserted in court that a motion seeking payment would soon be filed against Avenatti.

Eagan Avenatti (Avenatti’s Law Firm) had been in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings and, in December 2017, had agreed to pay $4.8 million in unpaid fees to a former partner, $2 million in back taxes, and $1 million to other creditors. In June 2018, the former partner filed a motion in U.S. bankruptcy court asking for a lien on any and all legal fees Avenatti’s firm might collect, up to $10 million, from clients in 54 cases including his representation of Stormy Daniels.

Unless he gets something MAJOR to bring in cash REAL FAST, he’s screwed.

HELL NO. No more lawyers … no more celebrities … nor pop culture hero’s, Twitter/YouTube sensations. For God’s sake … we need some on that’s solid in character, has business experience and hopefully military, a realist and as non partisan as possible. No Obama’s, Trump’s or Avenatti like losers.

    Unlikely that you’re going to find someone like that who has the acumen to RUN as a candidate. Lawyers make for good political candidates because, as a rule, we spend so much time TALKING and communicating with people (See Nixon, Clinton). Ditto with Pop-culture personalities (See Reagan and Trump). Governors tend to fit the mold that you’re proposing, but they’re usually a political animal (See Carter, Reagan, Clinton, GW Bush)

    You MIGHT be able to find a military individual, but unless there’s a major war between now and then, that person isn’t going to have any name recognition from BEING in the Military. They’ll have to have done something else. Also, as a general rule, high-ranking military individuals tend to dislike politics, and often refuse to seek office (See Gens. Schwarzkopf Jr., Powell; but see alternatively Eisenhower).

      Bruce Hayden in reply to Chuck Skinner. | October 4, 2018 at 1:22 am

      The military leader alternative for the Dems is interesting. Except that there really aren’t any well known liberal flag rank officers. And aren’t going to be under Trump. There is a theory that Trump is a figurehead for a cabal of retired flag rank officers, who became fed up with What the Dems, led by Obama, had done to the country, and their beloved military, and talked Trump into running, and are at the center of his attempt to destroy the Deep State. There are plenty of them who have worked in high level positions with Trump, and continue to do so to this day, including as Secs of State and Defense, as well as WH Chief of Staff. The point here is that they, no doubt, are currently in the process of purging the left leaning, Obama era, top brass, replacing them with officers that I hey can trust. Because they come from within the military, they know who the people are, and who can’t be trusted, much better than any civilian ever could. And that purge very likely means that the Dems aren’t going to be able to find some retired general or admiral with enough name recognition to be a viable candidate.

C’mon, Bill Maher is a founding member of the circle jerk society and the societies perennial pivot man. Who cares what he thinks or says.

What the hell — the careerists will throw him under the bus, and wait to get serious for the next presidential election, which again they will think they own.

How do you think Avenatti behaved in high school? We have a new standard now.

Comparing Trump to previous candidates, while there are some differences, there are also a lot of similarities between Trump and Pat Buchanan/Ross Perot. He had a lot of appeal to that part of the party. At the same time, he had a lot of appeal to blue-collar Democrats ie Reagan Democrats.

Avenatti has no such history. He has no reach over appeal. Which Republicans are going to vote for him? AntiTrumpers? It seems to me that Avenatti looks worse to them then Trump.

There is a slightly similar perspective in terms of personality. In terms of more fundamental aspects, not so much.

    Trump is one of a kind. And unlike Avenatti, he doesn’t have to sell his soul to the Masters of the Universe.

      Tom Servo in reply to Pasadena Phil. | October 4, 2018 at 9:50 am

      As you say, Trump is one of a kind, sui generis so to speak. Some similarities to Buchanon – but the big black stain on Buchanon was that he always hated Israel and loved him some Palestinians. For that reason alone, I could never support him, and was relieved that his political career fizzled away. Reagan and Trump have some similarities; the biggest complaint about Trump is that he is so course and harsh, but we now live in a course and harsh country that no longer feels like the country I grew up in. Trump is the leader we need, and the leader we deserve.

This guy is like wet toilet paper on the shoe.

BTW, the media would make a huge mistake to get rid of Trump. He has been one huge rating fest for them.

    Barry in reply to MarkSmith. | October 3, 2018 at 11:57 pm

    They don’t care. They are intent upon destroying the free America and replacing it with a Soviet / communist society.

BS. Avenatti is a joke.

Once again, a failure to learn from their mistakes. The Republicans can be a chickenshit as they like, the Democrats will still be eaten alive by their vanity and corruption. Evil always turns in on itself, that’s why it never works as a practical model.

The Democrats still don’t understand why Trump won. They think he is a Trashy Hitler so they create their own simulacrum, not of Trump, but of fantasy characiture of him they manufactured.

Avanti is a forgery of a fake painting. That’s perfect.

    Pettifogger in reply to Fen. | October 4, 2018 at 6:00 am

    I think you hit on an important point: Democrats would rather think about the straw man they imagine Trump to be and the straw Fascists/Racists they imagine his supporters to be than to reflect deeply on why Trump won and how they should counter it. The former is easy and makes them feel good about themselves. The latter is hard and might indicate they should change in ways they do not want to.

Aventi Avannetti whatever. I dont need to learn his name. No one will remember him in 3 months.

“…that creepy porn guy… bald..”


“Yah him. Just arrested on bank fraud..”

Can you imagine the Democratic debate: Spartacus vs. The Creepy Porn Lawyer! The Sci-fy channel should pick it up now that they’re done with Sharknado.

I disagree. The Democrat Party is all toxic identity politics all the time. The white male Avenatti won’t get a half dozen delegates.

Sure, the Dems want someone who can fight dirty, and this guy can do that. But Trump has a lot of things that the Dirty Pirn Lawyer does not. Most of us have known who Trump was for decades. It is always weird seeing Trump playing himself in a cameo in 20 year old movies. Another is that he is one of the best, most instinctive showmen of at generation or two. Even after better than two years in the political world, I was still amazed at his comedic timing a couple of days ago, when he got the crowd going with his One Beer part of that rally. Just like with his “Lock Her Up” for Crooked Hillary. And with his back for marketing and showmanship, he is very likely going to be able to freeze and tag this guy, in the eyes of the Anerican public, probably as the Dirty Porn Lawyer, or something similar. Just like he did for Lying Ted, Crooked Hillary, Low Energy JEB, Pocohauntis, etc.

Another thing – the Dems have done best when they have put a little known politician, like Carter, Clinton, and Obama up against a better known Republican. In at least the Clinton case, the better known Dems who had shown interest had stood down, figuring that they would have a better chance in four years. And twice, the field was cleared for Crooked Hillary. The problem this next time is that this is the last real chance for several of their strongest candidates, such as Biden and Warren, who aren’t going to walk away that easily for someone with no established power base, and no real political constituency. In 2016, and almost in 2008, they tried to clear the field for one of the worst natural politicians in their top tier, due to all of the favors owed her and her husband. This guy has none of the inside debts owed him that the other big name opponents do. Which is why I think that he is going to face an almost insurmountable climb for the Dem nomination, even if he were a natural politician, which we have no evidence that he is.

“…its almost as if the political acumen of Beyonce and Bill Maher count for nothing!”

Hehe. One of my favs:

Hillary will run again. Avenatti will get Arkancided.

    Aarradin in reply to LisaGinNZ. | October 4, 2018 at 3:06 am

    She didn’t have the energy to run last time – it nearly killed her.

    Seen her lately? Looks like she died last year, but the media refused to report the news to her.

      Tom Servo in reply to Aarradin. | October 4, 2018 at 9:53 am

      Agree completely. I’ve been around older people whose health is failing, and she shows all the signs, even though her handlers desperately try to hide it.

      Btw, I noticed that Al Sharpton celebrated his 64th birthday this week – I was amazed because he looks like he’s 80. Well, some people burn out their candle pretty fast.

HAHAHAHA!!! Maher still doesn’t understand why Trump won. Behind all the brashness and attacks that’s part of Trump’s style is substance. An understanding of leadership, a willingness to actually use the power of the United States to accomplish national goals, and a deep respect for this country. Avenatti (aka Creepy Porn Lawyer) is practically out of central casting for a corrupt lawyer. He cares about nothing except his own advancement.

Go ahead, Democrats. Run him. He will be the destruction of your party.

Stormy Daniel’s Lawyer

Pretty long for a bumper sticker.

Maher is completely misreading the spirit of the times. Trump won by riding the zeitgeist of the majority of voters, we “deplorables”. Avenatti’s only appeal is as a vulgar anti-Trump to cynical, intellectually perverted and vocal establishment elites who suddenly find themselves having the carpet pulled out from under them.

Avenatti would be nothing more than a novelty candidate, a one-trick pony, your classic 3rd party 1-2% candidate. America is already sick of him and this is not the kind of person who wears well over time.

Bucky Barkingham | October 4, 2018 at 7:39 am

I hope the Lefties nominate Creepy Porn Lawyer. He would be the Dukakis of 2020.

Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. Is this all the democrats have?

Democrats want power more than anything to force their agenda on unwilling people. To get power they need to win elections and their dirty tactics are backfiring on them. They look at their bench and see no home run hitters though many play their position well enough to get re-elected for life. When they do get in,they pack the courts with enough liberal judges to check any real reform. More perversion of our founders intent when they spoke of checks and balances.

About this time in the cycle, every politician in the “out” party is visualizing him/herself as the white (oops, forget the “white” part) knight about to ride in and save the country from itself. Most of them will have disappeared a week into next year’s primary season.

This is BS.

Trump has patriotism, a lifetime of business experience, a lifetime of thought about what he would do as POTUS, a willingness to make hard policy choices, a sense of humor, and on and on.

What does Avenatti have? Sleaze.

The largest problem for him is the Democrats are not the Republicans. Republicans are not a team but more like minded individuals. Look what happened to Bernie. Trump is really the only guy on the Republican side (and not a Republican) who will fight and fight dirty if need be. The Democrats are not inclined to let an outsider gather the power. They will destroy him when they are dine using him.

He can’t run as a man wanting to change things as Trump did. Who (even a Lib) would want to go back to Obama’s reign with executive action and phone except a nut who is tired of winning?

Let’s be honest. We all know that Lunchbucket Joe Biden will be the D nominee in 2020. I will take book on it. 100% certain.

“…like a sieve through grass.”

I agree with Maher and Bannon on this point. Avenatti will bludgeon the other Democrats in the primaries with his stainless steel kitchen ware, but if you’re going to cut down Trump like grass you need a scythe.

Please, Dems, nominate Avennati!Show the rest of America you’re incapable of learning anything.

Like the Democrats do whenever they see the GOP winning; they take and try to duplicate only in liberal/leftist form what they THINK are the characteristics that are causing that person to win with the GOP.

They’re always wrong. They tried to duplicate Limbaugh and lost. They’ve tried to duplicate other people and formats but consistently lose.

That’s because they don’t understand the GOP base and what motivates it and what attracts it. That’s different from the left.

So when they put a Democrat based GOP personality/format out their they always lose because the left is not attracted to them.

It’s really quite easy but the Democrats never get it. They also try to change their language but they never understand that it’s not the wording they’re using that loses with people, it’s the idea/concept that they’re trying to sell that fails and/or it’s been shown to do bad things to what most ppl want to protect or continue.

Their throwing him under the bus today. Blaming him for Kavanaugh by going to far. Knew it. Never were going to let him in. By Felicia.