Bill Maher had Steve Bannon on his show a few days ago.

The topic turned to 2020 Democrat presidential candidates.

Maher put out there that Michael Avenatti “could be the Trump of 2020.”

“[Avenatti] could be the Trump of 2020, the guy who’s the outsider, who like blows through the regular politician because he looks different, he looks different, and he’s got balls”

Bannon agreed:

“He’s got a fearlessness, and he’s a fighter. I think he’ll go through a lot of that field, if he decides to stick with it, like a sieve through grass.”

Sure, laugh.

Avenatti is serious about running. The tweet pinned to the top of his Twitter account (he has 866k followers) is his policy positions.

Avenatti is a blow hard, a publicity hound, a non-politician. What possible chance does he have against experienced politicians?

Laugh like they laughed at Trump.

Avenatti knows how to attract cameras. He’s planning a counter-rally to Trump’s planned rally with Ted Cruz. If Avenatti turns out a big crowd, he’ll get momentum.

Democrats want a dirty fighter. Antifa in a suit.

Being branded a “Creepy Porn Lawyer” is a plus to Democrats because he represents Stormy Daniels, someone trying to take down Trump. Representing the loon Rachel Swetnick is a plus to Democrats, because Avenatti is representing someone trying to take down Trump’s nominee.

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, and if Democrats don’t take back the House, the base of the Democrat Party is going to be looking for a savior. A dirty, ruthless savior.

Don’t rule him out doing well in the Democrat primaries.

Going up against Trump will be another thing. But let’s wait on that, and see how much wreckage Avenatti leaves in his path to the nomination.

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