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Hilariously Awful Claire McCaskill Radio Ad: She’s ‘not one of those crazy Democrats’

Hilariously Awful Claire McCaskill Radio Ad: She’s ‘not one of those crazy Democrats’

Backfires fabulously

This ad is so bad I wasn’t entirely sure if it was real or parody. Turns out, it’s real and McCaskill’s campaign probably paid someone good money for it, too.

The radio ad, which has been airing for about a year, attempts to paint Sen. McCaskill as a centrist Democrat and “not one of those crazy Democrats.”

You know it’s bad when a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat is trying to portray herself as anything but a Democrat.

The Daily Dot summarizes:

The ad features two men talking about McCaskill and her opponent, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley. While one says he doesn’t always agree with McCaskill, at least she works hard and does her job, unlike Hawley, who, they claim, makes wine runs and heads to the gym during work hours.

“[McCaskill] works hard, fighting against those tariffs, doing all those town halls,” one narrator says. “Claire’s not afraid to stand up against her own party.”

“Claire’s not one of those crazy Democrats,” the other man adds. “She works right in the middle and finds compromise.”

Listen here:

Awful ad aside, McCaskill managed to tick off an African American state legislator, who represents the bit of Missouri containing Ferguson.

Maria Chappelle-Nadal believes the “crazy Democrats” McCaskill’s ad disparages are black voters and activists in her district. And she’s not happy.

Chappelle-Nadal spoke to The Weekly Standard where she elaborated:

“I want to know who these ‘crazy Democrats’ are,” state senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who represents parts of North St. Louis, told THE WEEKLY STANDARD. “Is she talking about African Americans? Is she talking about the LGBT community? Is she talking about pro-choicers? Is she talking about the activists on the ground that have been responding to racial inequity? The question she needs to be asked and forced to answer is who are the crazy Democrats she’s talking about and relying on to vote for her in November. We deserve an answer.”

State Representative Courtney Curtis called the ad a “coded” message. TWS ctd:

State Representative Courtney Curtis represents the St. Louis-adjacent city of Ferguson, where racial tensions flared following the August 2014 police shooting of African-American teenager Michael Brown. Curtis told TWS that the McCaskill ad was a “dog whistle.”

“It’s a message that’s coded, that’s reaching out to a certain kind of person and trying to play or cater to their worst fears or thoughts by saying ‘those crazy Democrats,’” Curtis said. “And the immediate question is who are you talking about, and then what are you doing to that person in trying to get this voter in this way or manner . . . It almost dehumanizes or devalues the person’s worth or contribution to the community.”

The walls appear to be closing in on McCaskill’s campaign. Recently, Project Veritas captured unflattering footage of McCaskill’s campaign. And while McCaskill is pretending not to be the Democrat she is, Real Clear Politics has the race a toss-up, with polls trending in Hawley’s favor.


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I don’t know… That photo…she looks pretty Nukin Futts to me! She has the ‘big eye’ stare going on; kinda creepy.

Colonel Travis | October 24, 2018 at 9:25 pm

The photo accompanying this story says otherwise.

But the music is awesome during that ad… reminds me of the movie Deliverance for some reason…

Ad says Missouri’s hot topic is “tariffs”… ummm…really?

Tip for advertisers: usually best NOT to say your candidate isn’t ‘crazy’ because THAT is the word I now associate with YOUR candidate!

(… maybe the ad was paid for by Rs?)

So she’s a ‘shape shifter’ Democrat?

thalesofmiletus | October 24, 2018 at 9:43 pm

If your radio ad loudly proclaims that you’re not a crazy Democrat, then you are a crazy Democrat.

What do I smell? Oh yeah. Desperation.

Methinks she doth protest too much.

And that photo invokes “deer/headlights”.

Oh COME ON!!! This is a 20-second ad that writes itself:

(open atonal sinister music while overlaying Picture of McCaskill with Nadal’s Tweets).

Democrat Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal calls US Senate Candidate Claire McCaskill a “White Supremacist” and a “White Nationalist.” Doesn’t Missouri deserve better than someone who’s OWN PARTY is disowning her as a White Supremacist?

(music change to warm, tonal chord) Josh Hawley will work for the benefit of all the people of Missouri. It’s time for the voices of all sectors of Missouri to be heard.

(fade to black, standard required disclaimer).

I love how in the alternate universe of leftist thinking, she’s dog whistled a racist remark. She probably didn’t know it, after all the rules change so quickly (by the incident).

Revolutionaries always devour their own.

Wow. The counter advertisement practically writes itself.

Clair McCaskill claims she’s not one of those crazy democrats.”
(plays clip)
And yet this is the same senatorial candidate who took a bus tour of MO by using her private jet to fly from city to city and then faked showing up in the bus at each campaign stop. The same senator who (fill in list of nutty things)

It’s time for a change. Vote for Josh Hawley.

She needs to stand up and hunch her back a little bit, raise both arms, make a “V” for victory sign with each hand, and say “I am not a crazy!”

That would work.

Hopefully her base won’t come out and she will lose big.

They’re all crazy Democrats. No informed, thinking person would associate themselves with a party run by lunatics and Bolsheviks.

“I am not a witch…”

The Friendly Grizzly | October 25, 2018 at 8:35 am

Let me see if I have this right: she run an ad saying that SHE is not one of those crazy Democrats, and One Of The Usual Suspects starts bellowing about racism?

So saying that you are NOT a crazy Dem is now racist. That one’s a little hard to figure out but, OK.

If there is one true minority group being discussed here, it is the non-crazy democrats.

Now they need to constantly hammer her with “who exactly ARE the crazy democrats of which you spoke?”

The wench loves her illegal aliens. A traitor to the USA and We, the People.

Rep. Chappelle-Nadal(D) is an unhinged nut ball leftist in the St. Louis area.

Let’s not forget the little turd she squeezed out in August, 2017: “‘I hope Trump is assassinated’: A Missouri lawmaker faces mounting calls to resign after Facebook comment”

Of course she didn’t resign, and her unhinged nut ball leftist constituency will vote for her again.

McCaskill’s mistake was telling the truth. But she’s old school democrat and the nut balls want her gone.

Republicans want her gone, so I guess there’s a Venn diagram in there somewhere…

    They probably know she’s going to lose and want to blame it on race. There is no way they would allow a Republican to win a seat in this race if they could help it.

      elle in reply to elle. | October 25, 2018 at 1:05 pm

      Oh wait! Dems know she is going to lose because of her Kavanaugh vote, and they can’t have that narrative happening. So they set their own.

Love how that State Senator says you can’t use the word “crazy” because the word is used to demean or to devalue someone, but seems that it’s ok to call someone a bigot or white supremacist. Must be those words don’t demean or devalue.

buckeyeminuteman | October 25, 2018 at 12:52 pm

I love it when the Left eats their own

Rep. Chappelle-Nadal(D) is an unhinged nut ball leftist in the St. Louis area.

have family in st. louis–recently asked them how it was possible someone like chappelle-nadal could ever get elected–their reply was classic: ” she’s just a ” free shit ” democrat. “

She is the exception,she is batchit crazy and a Marxist to boot.