This all started a few weeks ago. The student’s explanation for why he said these things is amazing.

The College Fix reports:

Stanford R.A. who wanted to ‘physically fight’ Zionists resigns from position

The Stanford resident assistant who had posted on social media that he would “physically fight Zionists on campus” has officially resigned from his position.

In a statement to The Stanford Daily, Hamzeh Daoud said that he bears “trans-generational trauma” as a third-generation Palestinian refugee, and that he wrote his rants because he became “infused [with the] same hatred” that Israel has caused his family.

“It was the antithesis of why I chose this path in life,” Daoud said. “A sloppy comment made during an emotion-filled reaction to yet another layer of trauma, the comment did not convey my values, who I am currently, or who I hope to become.”

Daoud maintains he never intended to physically harm to anyone; indeed, he claims he merely desired to “intellectually fight” Stanford Zionists.

Of course, this assertion doesn’t exactly address other remarks Daoud posted on social media such as “abolishing [Zionist] ass,” “fuck your liberal zionist ass. fuck your jewish state,” and “Salam! Your daily dose of fuck Israel and have a nice day!”