Who wouldn’t consult a ‘feminist manifesto’ for parenting advice? That’s the real question.

The Washington Examiner reports:

College to offer course on stay-at-home parenting based on feminist manifesto

Using the work of a radical feminist theorist as its “point of departure,” one university in New York City is offering a course this fall centered around the concept of “invisible labor,” or unpaid work that stay-at-home parents often undertake to support their families.

“Love And Currency” will be a four-credit class offered to students at The New School during the upcoming fall semester. According to the course description, students will explore several areas of “invisible labor,” and how such types of labor contribute to “gender norms and systemic racism.”

“Whether changing nappies and washing an endless build of up dishes, caring for elderly and infirm family members, working multiple jobs without legal protection, or bearing up under everyday sexual harassment, constricting gender norms and systemic racism, invisible labor is exhausting,” the course description reads.