Thousands of protesters marched in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week demanding rights for illegal immigrants. Blocking traffic has become a staple tactic for the left despite being extremely dangerous and annoying.

MLive reports:

Immigrant rights protesters block streets in downtown Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids resident Guadalupe Diaz said she remembers a time in her life when every time she drove, she was afraid of being taken away from her children.

She said she lived in fear without a driver’s license for 25 years until she could change her legal status and get one, which is why she joined hundreds of other marchers on May 1 for an immigrants’ right march.

“We are working for dignity in our lives,” she said. “As immigrants we deserve to have a decent life like any other member of the community and by that we need to have a driver’s license and have a path for immigration as well.”

Organized by Movimiento Cosecha GR, “Gran Marcha del Puente del 1o. Mayo” started at Roosevelt Park and ended in Clyde Park in Downtown Grand Rapids, roughly a three-mile march.

As they moved through Grand Rapids and blocked traffic on some of the city’s streets, the protesters asked for respect, dignity and the rights of “under-documented immigrants” to have driver’s licenses.

Karla Barberi, a volunteer organizer for Movimiento Cosecha, said one of the most terrifying experiences for an undocumented worker is being pulled over by the police.

Consider the irony of chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!” when you’re in a country illegally:

Here’s more, via Twitter:

Do they want more Trump? Because this is a great way to get more Trump.

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