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NYU Threatens Housing and Financial Aid of Students Occupying Building

NYU Threatens Housing and Financial Aid of Students Occupying Building

“Students received panicked phone calls from parents”

This is the model schools should follow when dealing with a situation like this one. Who knew NYU would lead the way?

The College Fix reports:

NYU threatens to kick student protesters out of housing if they don’t end sit-in

Lots of university administrators make feeble pleas and then cave to the unhinged demands of student protesters who decide to take over a campus building.

New York University got tired of caving – at least once.

The private university threatened to take housing from anti-fossil fuel protesters and revoke their financial aid after they refused to leave a campus building overnight on Monday, protesters told The Washington Post.

They’re members of NYU Divest, which has been making increasingly disruptive demands to divest from companies that profit from fossil fuels:

Last week, protesters stayed in the admissions office, demanding that trustees hold a two-hour town hall led by students, that the board take another vote on divestment and that a student trustee be added to the panel.

When administration officials declined that demand, 19 students intensified their efforts by staying on the stairway of the Kimmel Center for University Life and remaining there overnight.

“We were told we would be risking disciplinary action,” said Sarah Singh, a senior from New Jersey who is a member of NYU Divest. “We reiterated the fact that we were attempting to hold a trustee town hall.”

The school didn’t budge, calling them into “student-conduct disciplinary meetings” Tuesday and then secretly calling their parents to warn that “financial aid was in threat, scholarships were in threat,” Singh said:

Students received panicked phone calls from parents. … We are working with different ally groups to spread our shock.


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Great move by NYU. Nothing focuses a snowflake’s mind so wonderfully as realizing their gravy train is about to get derailed.

-“Fight the power! Tell it to THE MAN!”
“Okay, but you’ll have to do it with your own dime or take a student loan.”
-“Hmmm… what…?”

The Friendly Grizzly | April 13, 2018 at 5:04 pm

Threats are fine. Will they, if needs be, follow through?

The privacy laws make it difficult to tell parents about their kids’ academic work (or lack thereof), but it should be legal to send them an extra term bill listing “revocation of financial aid.” That should get their attention.