Brace yourself: Green justice warriors will be out in force this Sunday. It’s the 48th anniversary of Earth Day.

Every year since 1970, we have been treated to self-righteous, humanity-deriding antics of environmental activists . . . who usually leave mountains of garbage behind after their celebrations of Earth conclude.

This year’s theme will be the War Against Plastics.

Many of us use or encounter plastic every single day, even if we don’t realize it. There’s single-use plastics, such as bags, bottles, plates, utensils and straws. But there are also plastics in our electronics, cars, clothes and paint.

So what happens to all this plastic? Some of it gets recycled. But a lot ends up in landfills or is simply littered as plastic pollution, which gets into our waterways.

Plastic is made to last forever — it cannot biodegrade. Disposed plastic materials can remain in the environment for up to 2,000 years and longer, according to a 2009 article published in scientific journal Chemistry & Biology.

Earth Day Network has called the management of plastic waste a “global crisis.”

In the wake of low temperature records that have been smashed across the Midwest, it appears that the “Global Warming” crisis has ended, so this new, plastics-based drama will replace it.

We have our own “Earth Day” traditions at Legal Insurrection! We start our commemoration by pointing out the fake science behind the latest green justice crusade. David Mastio, the deputy editorial page editor of USA T0day, has some intriguing data about the actual hazards associated with plastics pollution.

It was the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports that revealed the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” in the words of National Geographic, is “mostly abandoned fishing gear” and debris from the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.

Plastic-loving David Mastio isn’t the guy who says Asian countries are destroying the world’s oceans. The environmental activists at Ocean Crusaders point the finger at China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka as the countries that dump the vast majority of plastic showing up in our oceans.

It isn’t the plastics industry that says burning old plastic for energy and getting developing countries to do a better job of putting trash in landfills are better ideas than plastic bag bans or disposable straw restrictions. It is the Ocean Conservancy and the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment.

It would be great to “End Plastic Pollution,” as the Earth Day folks advocate, but while we do it, let’s keep the facts straight and keep one thing in mind: “Most advances of human society over the past century have been facilitated by the use of plastics.”

No Earth Day celebration at Legal Insurrection would be complete without reminding everyone that Ira Samuel Einhorn, known as “The Unicorn Killer” and a self-proclaimed founder of Earth Day, is an American environmental activist convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend Holly Maddux . . . then composting her body. Here is a detailed look at the case:

Finally, on this day, Legal Insurrection likes to commemorate an action or policy that actually helps make the Earth greener and safer for all of God’s creatures . . .including humans. This year, the winning entry is President Trump’s “Start of the Deal” ending the nuclear threat posed by North Korea.

Happy Earth Day, 2018 . . .Legal Insurrection style. Here’s to hoping it is a good one for you, and as free of Green Justice Crusaders as possible.

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