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The Pence Family Shows Grace in the Face of John Oliver’s Childish Antics

The Pence Family Shows Grace in the Face of John Oliver’s Childish Antics

Oliver wrote a parody book because of Pence’s “homophobic views.”

God bless the Pence family. They’ve been attacked, criticized, and maligned repeatedly for living godly and virtuous lives and always respond with grace and dignity.

Earlier this month, Vice President Pence’s wife Karen and their daughter Charlotte released a book called Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President. Marlon Bundo (who I’ve blogged about before) is the Vice Bunny of the United States. He made the trip to the Imperial City shortly after the inauguration last year.

Charlotte and Karen Pence spoke with Townhall about their book:

Both of the Pence women were able to exercise their talents for the project, they shared with Townhall on Monday. Charlotte, who wrote the poetry in the book, has been “writing for as long as she can remember.” She studied screen writing and creative writing in undergrad and described it as a definite “passion” of hers.

For Karen, painting is something that she loves to do, although the past year most of her artwork consisted of Marlon Bundo watercolors.

The book is intended for children, but I wondered if it also gave the Pences a chance to show off a bit of their personality.

“In the beginning, we just thought it would be a fun thing,” Mrs. Pence said. “Then the more she changed her idea, I think she realized this would be an educational book because a lot of people don’t know what the vice president does. The last few pages can serve as a study guide for teachers to go through some of the facts about the vice president’s job.”

Marlon Bundo is joining the Pence ladies on their book tour. Proceeds from the book go to an art therapy charity (an issue dear to Karen Pence’s heart) and an organization that works to stop sex trafficking.

Cute bunny, cute book, perfectly appropriate for the second family.

And then John Oliver found out about the book. Oliver, the British host of an HBO show, wrote his own version of the book, but in his rendition, Marlon Bundo is gay and marries another male bunny.

So witty! So edgy! The Pence’s are Christian so making their bunny gay is SO FUNNY! HAHAHA.

On Seth Myers’ Late Night, Oliver said he wrote the book as way to open discussion about Pence’s “homophobic views.”

From Deadline:

“He emphatically is a homophobe,” Oliver insisted, of Pence. “We did a whole piece about his appalling views over his career – especially his friend James Dobson, who is an appalling human being, started an organization called Focus on the Family.”

“Sadly, one of their book events is at Focus on the Family” Oliver said of the Colorado Springs-based org that espoused conversion therapy.

“A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo,” written and published “on the quiet,” is about Pence’s bunny falling in love with another male bunny and getting married. “Because that’s absolutely fine,” Oliver said. “It’s a sweet children’s book.”

It features a white-haired Stink Bug vehemently opposed to the marriage. “If you really squint, I supposed you could say that looks like [Pence] because of his hair and his general demeanor and his attitude towards gays,” Oliver conceded.

Meyers informed his viewers that Oliver’s Bundo bunny book is outselling the Pence family’s book, “Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of The Vice President,” written by Veeps daughter and illustrated by his wife. Oliver’s bunny book also has kicked former FBI Director James Comey’s upcoming book out of Amazon’s No. 1 spot.

“At that point it’s getting ridiculous,” Oliver laughed. As of taping Tuesday, Oliver’s book had sold 180K copies, “which is definitely more than we were prepared for.”

“A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo” also is getting 4.9 out of 5 stars in Amazon reviews. Some of the one-star reviews have been written by people trolling Trump/Pence voters. Reviews that read, “I fear the writing is above President Trump’s reading level,” and “Love this book posting one star to annoy all the homophobes who will read this and find I think the book is absolutely fabulous.”

“That is some high level trolling…Well done, internet,” Oliver beamed.

Though sold out, Oliver promised a second printing will have copies in book stores in days.

And Meyers reminded, proceeds are going to the Trevor Project and AIDS United.

Though his ‘epic trollishness’ is admired and cheered, Oliver outed himself as just another Hollywood liberal incapable of understanding that it’s possible to believe marriage ought to be between a man and a woman while also loving people, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Neither does Oliver seem aware that he’s supposedly combatting Pence’s ‘hateful’ views by…being hateful.

True to form, the Pence’s responded to Oliver’s book graciously. In an interview with Fox Business, Charlotte Pence said she was “all for” Oliver’s parody, the proceeds of which are also supporting two charities.



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Homophobic? Count me in. To disagree with anything from the lefty, anti-Americans is to be labeled racist, sexist, xenophobic, Nazi, etc., etc., ad nauseum. It’s like being cussed at by rags….our “punishment” for disagreeing with him.

I’m not afraid of lgbtqrstuv, I’m merely disgusted by their political agenda and their irrational, vicious attacks….just as I’m disgusted by rags.

Romans 12:20 applied. Nice work Mr. Vice President.

20 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

(And their hair certainly is on fire from this)

    Romans 1:21-25 is pretty applicable to John Oliver’s promotion of the gay lifestyle. Oliver probably thinks that increasing acceptance of homosexuality is a good thing, but it is clear from Romans that it is an indicator of a fallen society. Not that he would care.

I cannot imagine having a life so full of hatred that I would allow it to warp my mind and soul. I don’t believe that the gay lifestyle is healthy, but I don’t hate, nor fear gays. I’ve known plenty in my lifetime, and refuse to condemn them as people. In every encounter I’ve had with gays of at least my era, not a one was beyond making a pass at me, sometimes even trying to push the issue talking up the virtues of their skills. This even knowing I had no interest, no inclination, and was happily married.

I think the left are becoming, or actually are, heterophobic. They seem to attack any people who have a moral compass. I think it shows fear, as people attack the thing they fear most in an effort to close their minds to another’s view point.

Morality is becoming less and less in society, and the breakdown of family and the raising of children show it.

    The key to avoid progressive (i.e. monotonic) corruption is to adopt principles that are internally, externally, and mutually consistent. In the case of the transgender/homosexual bias, is there cause to reject it? No. Is there cause to normalize (i.e. promote) it? No. So, we are left with principled tolerance.

The congruency (“=”) or Pro-Choice bigots (i.e. sanctimonious hypocrites) are infamous for their narrowband, yet colorful projections. Why stop with the transgender/homosexual bias? Why not lose your Pro-Choice quasi-religion and adopt principled tolerance?

    bear in reply to n.n. | March 21, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    Mr. N.N., What does “principled tolerance” even mean? Is that like “compassionate conservativism?”

    There is no compassion from the left on any issue. There is only an agenda-driven need for more totalitarian power.

    There is no tolerance by the left for any position on any issue other than their own.

    I shall not “tolerate” any attacks on the 1st and 2nd Amendments, period.

    To the lefty, anti-Americans, “tolerance,” “civility,” “inclusion,” “diversity” and “compassion” are one-way streets to further their agenda. Those words have no other meaning to them.

      n.n. is well-intentioned.

      But you are right: there is no compassion from the left on any issue. There is only an agenda-driven need for more totalitarian power.

      But you forgot genocide:

      Left-Wing Bloodbaths:

      Hang on to your Second Amendment rights as if your life depended on it.

      Vote anyone other than a democrat or a GOPe rat.

Oliver is a paid to be a schmuck, much like fellow schumck, steven colbert.

Both are ignoramuses, and proud of it.

oliver’s book is probably funny as hillary klinton’s.

Never watched oliver or colbert more than once, never will.

The marketplace is the ultimate payback.

OleDirtyBarrister | March 21, 2018 at 7:24 pm

We have mapped the human genome and have virtually exhausted sequencing of genes. That process has revealed that: (1) sexual orientation is not genetic and (2) gender/sex is genetic.

Despite the science, the atheist marxists, particularly those in the infotainment complex, peddle the edicts that sexual orientation genetic and gender/sex is a choice.

They also want to brainwash people to accept and repeat that homosexuality and bisexuality is normal rather than deviant, socially undesirable, and a health threat, and to mandate social acceptance, reverence, and affirmation of queers.

Further, they want to ignore the fact that HIV/AIDS in the US is virtually all linked to homosexuality. The CDC annual reports are quite clear that around 85-90% of HIV/AIDS is from queer sexual activity. Moreover, despite the fact that our society has known how HIV is spread and how to prevent it for more than 35 years, it is still being spread. Then there are all the mental issues that accompany homosexuality (the medical profession used to consider homosexuality a mental disorder but that became harsh and non-PC and it will be interesting to see if there is a self correction in the future).

And before anyone responds on the choice/native inclination issue, look to Ann Heche, Cynthia Nixon, Clive Davis, and others that had marriages and offspring decided they were gay later, or they were queer and then not, and all the bisexuals in the world. Plus the lack of a gay gene and the fact the genome has been mapped and sequencing is virtually exhausted.

    OleDirtyBarrister in reply to OleDirtyBarrister. | March 21, 2018 at 7:28 pm

    Homosexuality is not a good thing for the individual or society.

    Now all the allegations of “bigotry” and “homophobe” can commence. But none of the name lobbers can make a cogent argument to the contrary, that homosexuality is actually beneficial to the individual or society.

    I’d rather know right from wrong and good from bad and therefore be accused of being a bigot or homophobe or whatever than to be a de jure dumbass and atheist marxist not know right from wrong or good from bad.

    It has nothing to do with anyone’s sexuality.

    See above “There is no compassion from the left on any issue. There is only an agenda-driven need for more totalitarian power” statement.”

    The gays would be the second ones in the gulag – right after us.

    My wife has a theory that it’s Nature’s Way of responding to high population density.

    I’m wondering how much of it is due to female hormones that are flushed into the water supply. Fhey are too minute to be filtered out by current technology.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if female birth control was responsible for destroying the human race.

      DM in reply to Fen. | March 22, 2018 at 11:04 am

      I can only speak to your wife’s point, from observations as a dog breeder. I avoid feeding any food with soy (plant based estrogen) in it. For males it lowers the sperm count & lowers motility (ability of sperm to fertilize the ovum). Fed to females it actually lowers fertility and produces wispy males. Just my observation. Since my goal when breeding is for excellent conformation (& temperament) (Great Danes) this makes good bone & well muscled dogs & bitches paramount and in my opinion is impossible when feeding soy based foods. Just my opinion but would suspect that a diet high in soy and other phytoestrogens would have the same affect in humans, as would other chemicals that block either estrogen or testosterone. Logic tells me that though this may not change the genetic make up it would change the pattern of hormonal influence on not only a fetus but maturing individuals brain chemistry /physiology and physical development. It sure does in dogs.

The lesson of Mike Pence I said he response to these attacks with civility dignity and Grace. And is still hated by the left.

Remember that next time they caterwaul and clutch their pearls over Trump’s insulting tweets.


The lesson of Mike Pence is that he responds to these attacks with civility, dignity and grace. And is still hated by the left.

Remember that next time they caterwaul and clutch their pearls over Trump’s insulting tweets.

I hope that Charlotte and Karen Pence are laughing all the way to the bank. Oliver’s snarky parody, and the Pence family’s gracious response, have given the book worldwide publicity far beyond what the publisher could have planned. I’ll bet the first and second printings are already sold out.

Mr grandson is gay and he and his gay friends are confused. They are politically active and they have listened to the things Pence has said.They are confused because they have never heard anything anti-gay from Pence and yet they are continually told by the Left he is that way. They seem unable to reconcile what the Left is telling them and what reality is.
They, along with myself, keep waiting for the Left to explode for becoming a critical mass of lies and distortions. Increasingly, it seems to be the case of if the Left complains about it, then that is what the Left is engaged in doing themselves.

It has become time for the left to demonize Pence as they believe they have Trump in their impeachment crosshairs. If they can take down Trump, they realize that Pence must be discredited as well.

Maybe his next book could be about honor killings in Muslim familiess. Naw, that would never happen. He is too gutless. Isn’t it amazing how lefty “comedians” criticizing Christians is so akin to these crackpots going into gun-free zones and shooting up people that can’t or won’t fight back?

As an aside, why do we get the d-bags that even the English won’t tolerate? Piers? Are you there? The marketplace is the ultimate payback.

By that measure, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents a Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo is #1 on Amazon. Meanwhile,

Charlotte Pence: I Bought The Gay Bunny Book
“I think that everybody can come together over Marlon.”

I expect that most buyers of the gay bunny book are virtue-signalling progs. I doubt that many kids will be reading it.

Tired of it. I’m beyond listening to their side. Everything they have said is a lie and the only reason they are tolerated is because of our masters in black robes.

I’m not conservative neo or paleo, I’m reactionary on this issue and would be pleased to see the old laws and restrictions brought back.